How to Choose Fine Art for Your Home Decor

Last updated on June 14, 2024

Fine art is the go-to option when it comes to wall decor. Most professional designers use it and so can you. Here’s how to choose it.

The perfectly displayed fine artwork is the final finishing touch to enhance the aesthetic factor in home decor of the otherwise monotonous interiors of any house. Whatever be the personal preferences of the occupants in terms of the type of art they wish to display on their walls, experts suggest that there are several factors that should be kept in mind before taking the final plunge and hanging such magnificent pieces of artwork.

Any interior designer will always suggest that the beauty of a home does not depend on ‘what’ the artwork is. Rather, it depends on ‘how’ it is chosen and arranged. Selecting the right wall painting is the first step towards enhancing the appearance of your rooms. A great place to start your hunt for the perfect artwork to adorn your walls is the online portal 1st Art Gallery.

Here are a few suggestions that will assist you in the process of choosing the perfect piece of art to adorn the walls of your house. 

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Select Framed Art

madonna de granduca by raphael

Oil paintings such as Madonna Del Granduca by the legendary Renaissance painter Raphael is a beautiful piece of art that is sure to add to the charms of your walls. However, its beauty can be significantly enhanced by adding a classic frame around it. Furthermore, a thoughtfully selected frame will also complement your home decor. 

Additionally, these frames provide a protective layer that prevents the artwork from getting damaged. Moreover, you can add specialized glasses to protect the painting from sunlight and pollutants. 

Define the Purpose

irises by van gogh

The first question you should ask yourself is what the purpose of selecting any particular painting is. If the answer is ‘just to decorate it’, then you need a more specific reason for selection. 

Depending upon the purpose, you should look to choose the piece of fine art. For instance, bedrooms have a relaxing vibe and call for a similar pattern in the paintings. In such cases, one can go for artworks such as Irises by Van Gogh.

Similarly, living rooms depict more playfulness and should start conversations. Dining rooms and bedrooms require a tranquil mood so Buddha canvas wall art would be more suitable. Hence, keeping all factors in mind, you should look to define a purpose that should be in line with the idea behind the painting.

Complements the Color of Your Walls

wall decor painting color scheme

While selecting the paintings, it is essential to ensure that the colors of the painting do not disturb the moods of the room wherein it is being displayed. Hence, you should look to pick the oil paintings which match the purpose of the room and complement the colors. 

As per general observations, it is usually seen that people prefer their living rooms to have more bright colors to resonate with an energetic feel. Similarly, bedrooms have a neutral color tone depicting a mood of relaxation. 

In such cases, you should look to match the dominating color of the painting with the color of the room wherein you wish to display the painting. 

Go for Larger Frames

large painting

Art is always more beautiful when seen on a bigger canvas. Therefore, you should always try to opt for the largest frame size that fits your wall. Doing so will magnify the beauty of the wonderful art that you have put on display.

 The process for determining the appropriate frame size for your wall is pretty easy. All you have to do is measure the open wall space, without accounting the windows, furniture, and other things that directly reduce the area of the wall. After this, measure the longest side of the wall and determine what is 2/3rd of that size. The ideal frames should roughly be close to this size. 

If you fail to find the right-sized frame, you can always explore the option of hanging multiple frames. Again, it is elementary math. Just divide the predetermined size of the longest wall by the size of the frame and you will know how many frames are required. 

Hang in Groups

wall picture group

Art arranged in symmetry enhances the final look of the wall. It is recommended that you display your collection of arts in groups. Naturally, this requires more than two paintings. Based on the size of your wall, you can also opt for more paintings. Furthermore, you can also creatively explore the idea of hanging your paintings in multiple groups.

Furthermore, you can look to narrate a story through the arrangements. For instance, you can create a group of paintings from any period of art movements like Impressionism or Modernism. 

Read About the Creative Process

decorating with paintings

Even though fine art is used as a decorative piece in home decor, the creative process behind both types of art fundamentally has a different definition. The basic difference between the process of making fine art and decorative art is that the latter is faster and less complicated than the former. 

The fundamental purpose of decor art is to be cost-effective and good-looking. On the contrary, fine art is more complex as it is used to convey a message or narrate the tales of the existing environments. Fine artists are more inclined towards experimenting with their creative vision till the time they do not derive the most suitable way to present it on canvas. Hence, efficiency is a secondary concern for them.

You need to have a planned agenda in mind as to what is the message you wish to convey through the pieces of art you have displayed. Intricate details pertaining to the purpose, size, number, and type should be paid keen attention to. 

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