6 Ways to Pick the Furniture that Blends With Your Home Design

Last updated on November 28, 2023

Selecting furniture isn’t easy, especially since most people have absolutely no understanding of interior design. If you are re-designing your house (or have bought a new one and have been given the task of decorating it), then it’s fair to say that you have your work cut out for you.

After all, with no prior interior design experience, how are you supposed to make your house look good inside?

Let’s simplify interior design for you by telling you about six tips that you can use to pick furniture that blends with your home’s existing design features.

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Create a Theme

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When you are buying furniture and trying to decorate your home’s interior, it’s a good idea to create a theme. One way of creating a theme is to buy furniture from the same collection.

Buying furniture from the same collection will also simplify designing your home’s interior since there will be different furniture for different rooms all in the same style, meaning that you won’t have to shop around and try to match items with other pieces of furniture.

According to the furniture specialists from this link, when you are buying furniture comfort is just as important as aesthetics. Some furniture collections look good but aren’t actually comfortable. Make sure that anything you buy is as comfortable as it is good-looking.

Your Home’s Features

When you are selecting furniture for your house, one of the first things that you need to do is to work out what type of furniture will look good next to your home’s existing features.

For example, if you live in an older home like a cottage, then you could have wooden beams on the ceiling. In these kinds of houses, antique furniture tends to look a lot better than modern furniture does.

Similarly, in houses where everything’s ultramodern, modern furniture looks great. Your home will already have a style that you need to work around, otherwise, you won’t be able to make it look its best.

Different Colours

A lot of people are too afraid to match colors, so when they are decorating their homes they just buy furniture that’s all the same color and even paint the walls the same color as their furniture. You can match colors within the same color scheme group and play with tones.

This looks a lot better than making everything the exact same color and tone. When you are playing with colors, it’s good to get a second person’s opinion, like a friend or relative. They will be able to tell you whether or not the colors that you have selected match.

Ordering Swatches

When you are buying furniture, you will be given the choice of customizing each furniture piece’s fabric (if it’s made from fabric). The best way to do this is to order swatches and then compare the swatches to your existing furniture and the color of the walls (or style of wallpaper) that you’ve got in your home.

Swatches are small square fabric cut-outs, which help you to decide whether or not the fabric of the furniture piece you are buying will match your other things. Most furniture retailers offer swatches.

Matching Items

It’s always a good idea to make sure that your items of furniture match each other. Unmatching furniture can look very strange. If you own a bunch of modern, minimalist furniture, and then you buy a Victorian mahogany wardrobe, your home’s going to look very odd.

Even if you don’t buy all of your furniture from the same place, make sure that it’s all in the same style and matches. It’s not hard to buy furniture that matches, you just have to buy it from the same time period, or alternatively commission a bespoke furniture builder to make it for you.

Consider Size

The last thing that you need to think about is the size of the furniture that you are buying, compared to the amount of space that you have available in your house. A lot of people make the mistake of blindly buying furniture without taking the time to measure it and make sure that it will fit inside their homes.

Measuring your home is really simple, all you need is measuring tape. Once you have measured your home’s various rooms, you can then go on the furniture retailer’s website and check out their furniture measurements. You can then make sure that everything is going to fit well.

When you are decorating your home, one of the hardest things is selecting furniture. Picking up the wrong furniture can make your home’s design look amateurish. If you follow this post’s guidance, then buying furniture will be a lot easier.

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