A Handy Guide to Better Organize Your Outdoor Space

Last updated on May 5, 2024

Organizing an outdoor space can be just as important as creating an indoor space. After all, the purpose of any outdoor space is to provide you with a place to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. 

This means that regardless of whether you are prepping for summer barbecues or the winter season, your outdoor space should not only look inviting but should be organized as well. 

People often find it challenging to use their outdoor space because it can be so easily cluttered. When you have to spend time cleaning up your outdoor area, it takes away from the time you could be spending enjoying it. Here are some tips to help you better organize your outdoor space.

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Focus on Adding Shade and Lighting

backyard lighting

Don’t forget about lighting and shading if you want to make your outdoor space inviting. A great way to do this is through plants that naturally provide a lot of shade. For example, bamboo plants are a great option as they not only provide a ton of shade but also maintain the air quality around your home. Light it up with outdoor festoon lights for the space to be usable at night as well as during the day.

Combining practicality with aesthetics, you can take your outside space and improve it. Remember, it doesn’t matter what type of outside space you have; with a little organization and creativity, you can create an inviting outdoor living area that the whole family will enjoy.

Make Some Space and Build a Shed

garden shed

If you are serious about creating an inviting outdoor space, then you should consider building a shed. Sheds are great for storing everything from your lawnmower to holiday decorations.

Not only will it keep your outdoor space clean, but it will also give you more room for activities as well. It can be a fun and convenient experience assembling one out of steel. Similar to building IKEA furniture, only outdoors, bigger and better. A good shed can provide you with so much versatility, from extra storage to an outdoor entertainment or game room.

Enclose Your Space

Maybe you do not want to build a shed in your backyard because it is too much of an investment, but that is no excuse for having an unorganized outdoor space. All you need is some inexpensive clamshell plastic and zip ties to enclose your backyard into separate spaces.

This can be done by turning your yard into separate spaces for the kids, to do activities, and even an area for relaxing. Not only will this make cleaning up much easier, but it will also prevent you from having items stolen or ruined by the weather.

Create Seating and Dining Areas

People often find it tricky to create comfortable seating and dining area in their outdoor space. The trick is, you don’t need an extensive amount of items to do this. For example, you can place one or two chairs, alongside your table along with some potted flowers for decoration.

You can even add a small grill or fire pit to the mix. Using simple and practical furniture can really elevate your curb appeal, and it does not necessarily have to cost you a small fortune. For those that are into a specific aesthetic, maybe you can consider thrifting some old furniture that could fit into the outdoorsy style. 

Leave Room for Activities

You mustn’t get carried away with trying to organize every square inch of your outdoor space because it will make it difficult for you to use. Instead, focus on creating separate areas where you can relax, but also enough room where your family and friends can create their special areas as well.

Organizing a patio or benches with a fire hole can bring just the right amount of decor with plenty of space for hanging out outside. Even if it is a bit windy, you can sit in front of the fire with your friends, grab a few blankets and enjoy a fall or even winter day. 

Be Creative with Your Planters

If you are unhappy with the amount of room that you have for activities, then all it takes is a little creativity to make the most out of your space. Place large pots, along with some fertilizer to grow flowers or herbs on your deck or patio. You can also use this space to do some canning or even a little old-fashioned pickling, by placing a small rack on your patio. Doing this will not only provide you with additional storage, but it will give you an area where you can place food and drink when they are ready.

Declutter Your Outdoor Space

If you don’t have a shed or even a garage to store your items, then it is time that you finally get organized and declutter your outdoor space. Start by getting rid of all the things in your yard that you no longer use or need around the house.

You can sell these things at a garage sale or just give away some of the items to a charity.

There are also many cheap, practical, and even stylish things you can do to help you organize your outdoor space. For example, using chalkboard paint on your shed or fence will allow you to write messages or reminders onto it quickly and easily.

You might even consider creating a small herb garden near your barbecue area for quick access to fresh ingredients.

Make Use of Vertical Space

One of the best ways to declutter your outdoor space is by making use of vertical space. For example, you can create a small rack for pots and pans in a busy area where they will not be forgotten or left out when it rains.

You can also turn your guttering into a place to store tools that you use frequently in your yard. Small gardens can always have a wall or two filled with fresh spice herbs that are stylish and can be used in cooking. 

If you are looking for some tips on how to organize your outdoor space, the above article provides several practical and stylish ways that will help you declutter. From using vertical space to creating small gardens where herbs can be grown, there is no shortage of ways that you can use to make your outside living area more inviting and enjoyable.

Whether it’s picking up old items in your yard or finding creative ways to utilize wall space, these organizing ideas should give you plenty of inspiration.

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