9 Useful Houseplant Decorating Tips from the Experts

Last updated on June 23, 2024

Houseplants are a great way to add visual interest, texture, and life to any room in your home. Not only do plants bring color and vibrancy to living spaces, but they can even have health benefits such as improving air quality and reducing stress.

Whether you’re new to growing houseplants or a seasoned veteran, these helpful decorating tips from the experts can help you create an inviting and stylish display.

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Consider the Light Conditions in Your Home

indoor houseplants

Start by considering the light conditions in your space. Different plants require different types of lighting, so make sure to pick a spot that will provide the right amount of sun (or lack thereof) for each plant.

Once you’ve located the ideal spot, decide on a type of display. Hanging pots are great for creating an eye-catching display, while shelves and table-top arrangements are perfect for showcasing a variety of plants.

For example, there are places in homes that reflect a lot of daylight, and these types of areas are ideal for growing plants that require a lot of light.

Create a Layered Display

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When it comes to arranging your houseplants, the key is to create layers. This will give your display depth, making it look fuller and more interesting. Start by placing taller plants in the back or center of your arrangement.

Then, layer in shorter plants around the edges to give it a finished look. If you’re using shelves or tables, plant different heights of foliage on each level for a more dynamic display.

Over the next few weeks, you can start adding small accent plants such as succulents and cacti to your display. Arrange these in clusters of three or more for a beautiful visual effect.

Pick the Plants That Will Thrive in Your Space

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Once you’ve decided on the type of display and the position of each plant, it’s time to actually pick out the plants. Consider your light conditions and watering needs when choosing houseplants that will thrive in your home. Succulents are a great option for those with low light or busy schedules, as they require very little upkeep. 

Also, Monstera deliciosa and Philodendrons are good choices for bright, indirect light. They can tolerate some shade and are known for their beautiful foliage. If you are looking for tips on making your Monstera plant bushier, feel free to read more at Foliage Friend or research this type of plant for more information. You can also consult a local garden center for more advice on what plants to choose. 

On the other hand, tropical plants like fiddleleaf figs and peace lilies add a burst of color and can spruce up any room. You may need to provide more frequent watering and make sure they get plenty of bright, indirect sunlight.

Choose the Right Spot and Tools

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Finally, make sure you pick the right spot for your plants. Choose a space that is away from drafts or direct sunlight. Also, make sure to place them in areas with adequate air circulation and humidity levels – this will help keep them healthy and happy!

In addition to choosing the right spot, it’s important to have the proper tools and supplies. Make sure to have a watering can, soil, fertilizer, and any other items you may need to keep your plants looking their best.

Use Your Watering Can As a Decorating Tool

Your watering can is an essential tool for keeping your plants healthy – but it can also be used as a decorating tool! Place water-filled cans in the corners of your space, or use them to display cut flowers and foliage.

Not only does this add color and texture to your room, but it’s also a great way to keep your plants hydrated. Also, consider adding artful accents like macramé hangers or hanging baskets. These elements will make your space look more inviting and stylish, while also keeping your plants off the floor and out of harm’s way.

Group Your Plants Together

When it comes to decorating with houseplants, grouping them together can be very effective. Try placing multiple plants in the same pot or create a centerpiece by arranging several plants in a large container. This will draw the eye and create an inviting display.

display. Some plants require frequent watering, while others prefer to be kept on the dry side. Research each plant’s individual watering needs so you can give them the right amount of hydration they need to thrive.

Accessorise with Nature-inspired Details

Adding nature-inspired decorations to your houseplant display is a great way to finish off the look. Try adding decorative stones, shells, or driftwood to your planters for a unique touch.

You can also hang air plants from branches or driftwood pieces for an added layer of texture and interest. If the display still feels incomplete, why not add a few pieces of art that have plants or nature as their motif? With these small details, your houseplant display will be transformed into an inviting space.

Choose Pots That Compliment Your Decor

potted plants
modern office working space decor with three plant pots.

The type of pot you choose for your houseplants can have a big impact on the overall look of your space. Consider the color, shape, and size of the pot when selecting the one that will best fit into your decor.

Neutral colors can be used to blend in with any style of the room, while brighter colors can add a pop of contrast. Be sure to choose pots that are large enough for each plant’s root system so they can thrive.

Curate Your Collection

Once you’ve chosen the right types of plants for the space, curate your collection with careful consideration. Unify it with a color pallet or by choosing plants in varying shapes, sizes, and textures. This will create a cohesive look that adds character and personality to your houseplant decor.

Moreover, consider the overall aesthetic and pick plants that will fit in with your home’s style. You don’t want to add a plant that clashes with your existing decor, so make sure you take into account how each plant will look in the context of your room.

Nevertheless, houseplants are a great way to spruce up any living space. With careful consideration and the right tips, you can create a unique display that will add life and vibrancy to your home.

From choosing the right plants for your light conditions to picking containers that compliment your decor, following these houseplant decorating tips from the experts will help you create a beautiful display in no time.

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