If You’re a Plant Parent with Little Space Check Out These Indoor Plants

Last updated on October 19, 2023

Plants help liven up any space, may it be your home or office. They give color and character to dull and boring rooms. 

If space is an issue and you’re afraid of keeping plants in an apartment, don’t fret! There are indoor plants for spaces that don’t have the luxury of size but can still be an ideal environment for flora to thrive in.    

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Ideal Indoor Plants for Small Spaces

indoor plants

Air Plants

Air plants don’t need soil to survive. Yes, that’s right! It’s not a high-maintenance plant and just needs to be misted 2-3 times a week with clean water. Make sure to situate it in a place near your window where it can enjoy full sunlight. 

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its medicinal properties, but people forget that they are succulents, making it an easy-to-maintain plant for your home. They prefer their soil to be completely dry in between watering.

ZZ Plant

These plants aren’t huge fans of the sun so keeping it away from the window will suit them best. They’re quite hardy and if you forget to water them every once in a while, they won’t die quickly unlike some plants. They’re perfect on tabletops or on top of counters. 

Rubber plants

Rubber plants, like the ZZ plant, don’t need too much sun. They’re also quite versatile and can hold on their own even if you don’t water them regularly. They need indirect sunlight. One plus factor of owning a rubber plant is that it is one of the best air purifiers. 

Sweetheart plant 

The sweetheart plant is a succulent that thrives best under direct sunlight. Usually, it is just a cutting with a heart-shaped single leaf. Ideally, watering it every three to four weeks will make it happy and healthy. 


Anthuriums are known for their colorful, waxy petals and the very noticeable stamen protruding by the stem. These plants need a bit of maintenance — water weekly and fertilize every now and then — but they’re not entirely difficult to care for.

Golden Pothos 

These plants will thrive practically anywhere. The only thing it dislikes is direct sunlight. It’s very easy to maintain and will grow lush in no time at all! Place them on bookshelves and see your mini library build character.

Bird of Paradise

These plants prefer bright, sunny areas in your home and are tall when they thrive. They require a bit of maintenance — such as adding fertilizer during summer and spring — and it is important not to overwater it.

Snake plants 

Snake plants grow vertically and are perfect for tight spaces. The best grow under indirect sunlight. They prefer to be watered when the soil is completely dry so watch out for overwatering!

Flowers, anyone?

You don’t need a real, live plant to make your home more beautiful. A bouquet of the season’s freshest florals will be the perfect centerpiece in any room. Go for flowers that have colors that complement your interior design. There are several flower delivery services that will happily send a bunch of flowers to you in a jiffy, just in time for that dinner party or simply just to brighten your day. 

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