Why Places Like the Edgemont Ranch Are Great for Families

Last updated on June 24, 2024

Crime is rising in many of America’s large cities. Families are leaving them and turning to smaller, rural communities. Southwest Colorado is a particularly popular place for families to turn to due to its immense safety, beautiful weather and incredible natural landscapes.

If you are somebody who is interested in moving there then you might have heard of the Edgemont Ranch before; places like the Edgemont Ranch are ideal for young families searching for a safe corner of America to start their lives.

This post will tell you why that is.

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Quality of Life

suburban neighborhood

You can’t deny the fact that life in a small, rural community is a lot better than it is in a city; city life is notoriously depressing and hard to maintain. When you consider the rising cost of living, city life becomes almost unmanageable.

A good quality of life isn’t unique to this community (Edgemont Ranch)—it is something that is found in thousands of others like it all over the United States. The main reason that the quality of life is so much better in these smaller communities is that there is a lot less crime, people are happier and it is easier to build lifelong friendships.

Many of them are also situated in areas of immense natural beauty which of course makes life a lot less stressful. When you are surrounded by rolling hills and wildlife it’s easier to feel more positive about things.

Much Safer

Safety is not a concern in Edgemont Ranch or in other communities like it. Most of these communities are gated off which means outsiders aren’t allowed in.

In addition to having security fences running their perimeters, these communities tend to have dedicated security staff walking around at all times of day and night looking for people who don’t belong.

The security in these communities is able to address problems almost immediately. Most communities also have cameras everywhere that are monitored by security staff, again looking for troublemakers and criminals.

Strong Community

In small, rural communities there is a strong sense of community. Community is not something you really find in cities anymore. People who live in them tend to be detached from the people around them and have no interest in building friendships or relationships.

Unfortunately, this lack of community is what has led to crime becoming rampant in many of America’s large cities. A strong community is what holds small townships and communities together. This sense of community means people are more open, forgiving and sharing; if one resident does not have something another will give it to them.

Local Hiking Trails

hiking trail bear lake colorado

Most small communities like Edgemont Ranch are situated in rural areas as has been mentioned several times already. Because of this, they tend to be surrounded by trees, woodland and forests. An abundance of green spaces means that there are hiking trails; hiking is a very popular American pastime.

The nation was founded by adventurers and outdoorsmen who explored America’s remote and uninhabited frontiers. While hiking today is nowhere near as adventurous and exciting as it was when the original settlers arrived, it is still a lot of fun and is easy to do when you live in a small community located in a rural area.

Amenities and Stores

Amenities and stores are not a problem in small rural communities. A lot of people tend to think that when they live in a gated community they won’t have access to the same things that they would in a city.

While in a small community, there might not be as many stores, there are still stores; you should also remember that most grocery stores also allow you to book home deliveries which you can do online. Booking home deliveries for your groceries will save you the trouble of having to go out shopping ever again.

Lifelong Friendships

When you live in a small community the people you live with will often stay there with you for the rest of your life. Because of this you and your children have the opportunity to build lifelong friendships; on the other hand, if you do not like people then you are stuck with them for life.

When you dislike people it can be very problematic in a small community which is why you should do everything you can to resolve disputes with people so they do not become feuds. Try to build friendships rather than creating enmity among the people you share your community with.

Life in a gated community is much better than it is in a city. Every day is the same which creates a sense of peace and tranquillity; you do not have to worry about strangers coming in and causing trouble nor is crime an issue. Edgemont Ranch is just one of many communities like this in the United States.

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