Guide to Understanding Sewing Machine Needle Position

Last updated on April 1, 2022

Have you ever wondered about how to choose the best sewing machine needle position? We’ll be looking at the best sewing machine needle positions to get the most from your sewing!

When it comes to sewing, using a sewing machine can make your life a whole lot easier! However, if you want the stitch to look more professional, then it is better to use a versatile serger sewing machine. Nonetheless, before you begin sewing with a sewing machine, it is absolutely crucial that you consider how to position the sewing machine needle correctly for best results. 

Fortunately, we’re on hand today to help you find out more about sewing machine needle positioning to ensure you’re giving your sewing efforts the best run possible!

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Why Sewing Machine Needle Position Matters

sewing machine positioning

Getting your sewing machine needle positioning right is essential if you’re successful with your sewing efforts. Indeed, sewing machine needle placement is something that many people fail to consider – and this can impact the final quality of your sewing! Luckily, we can help you understand more about sewing machine positioning, so don’t panic!

Sewing Machine Needle Positioning Tips

To truly make the most of your sewing efforts, it’s crucial that you master the different sewing machine needle positions. Generally speaking, most sewing machines will have around three positions available.

However, a growing number of modern sewing machines are designed with even more positions than this, so ensuring you’re aware of how to best use your sewing machine is vital! 

For example, many modern Husqvarna sewing machines are implementing this feature (check out Husqvarna Viking sewing machines reviews to learn more about the features of modern sewing machines).

How to Move the Needle for your Sewing Machine

Moving the needle for your sewing machine is actually a surprisingly easy activity! To begin with, you’ll want to align the foot to where you need it. 

Then, in order to keep the sewing straight, you should keep a close eye on the guide, as opposed to looking at the needle itself.

If this is the first time you have played about with the sewing machine needle positioning, you may want to consider practicing before you begin your stitching efforts on scraps of old fabric to truly get the hang of it.

Indeed, suppose your sewing machine allows the needle position to be altered. In that case, then it’s likely you’ll need to get the hang of this before you can truly master sewing with a machine. This needle repositioning feature is common in machines with “zigzag” functionalities.

Why Reposition the Needle?

At this point, you might be wondering – do I need to reposition the needle on my sewing machine? The choice is entirely down to you, of course, and some people may decide that sewing needle positioning isn’t something they want to bother with.

That’s entirely fine, of course! However, sewing machine needle repositioning can be incredibly useful for many applications, as it can help you begin the seam from anywhere you want, and this will help you improve the final quality of your stitching accordingly!

The Takeaway

Repositioning your needle is actually incredibly easy. Make sure you check the specific instructions for your model of sewing machine for the best results, of course; this will help you ensure that you are moving the needle safely without damaging the sewing machine!

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