Cracks Appearing in Your Furniture? Try a Remedy Like This

Last updated on September 27, 2023

Cracks in furniture are a common problem that often occurs with older items. But luckily, there are ways to solve this without buying new stuff.

When filling cracks and holes, it is important to use the right filling or putty. We are here to present to you the best remedies for solving these problems.

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Wood Fillers

wood filler

When filling cracks and holes in wood, it is important to use the right filling or a traditional filling mass that adheres well to the substrate. Once it hardens, you can grind and shape it. There are types for outdoor and indoor use.

There is also an epoxy resin-based wood filler. This material, which you can get in the color of wood, has very strong binding properties, and when it hardens, it is very strong. To make the grip as good as possible, first coat the wooden surface you are repairing using wood filler to harden all the soft fibers. Mix only as much mass as you can use within minutes. It hardens quickly due to a chemical reaction that cannot be stopped. The filler and hardener should be mixed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Similar fillers can be purchased in gray, which are suitable for repairing all hard materials, including metal. 

Cracks in the wood should be filled so that they are flush with the surface of the wood. First, carefully clean the crack. The wood filler is slightly reduced as it dries, so press it firmly and allow it to pour slightly over the surface of the wood. 

Plastic Wood

It is a material of special composition that resembles wood when dried. It is available in several shades of wood. Use plastic wood (aka liquid wood) to repair damaged furniture. An integral part of it is a binder, for example, nitro varnish, so it has a strong odor, so work in a well-ventilated area. When it hardens, you can shape and sand it like wood, and it also accepts a wet or stain well.

Walnut as a Remedy

Ordinary walnut is a simple and, at the same time, efficient solution for existing scratches on wooden furniture and floors.

The walnut should be cleaned and rubbed on the damaged areas. There is no need to press hard when rubbing; the main task is to fill the scratch with the oils contained in walnuts. After drying, the scratches will become a little more noticeable.

Mayonnaise Does the Work

If there are not only scratches on the wooden surface, but also minor cracks, it is good to use mayonnaise. Fill the cracks with mayonnaise, remove the excess, and wait a few days.

Due to the fact that this product is rich in oils and proteins, the wood will swell and the crack will close on its own. After that, remove the remains of mayonnaise that have not been soaked, and polish the surface.

Crack Recovery Concealer

An excellent concealer for any type of wooden furniture, it will help you repair those small to larger scratches. It is very easy to use thanks to the design and the fine tip of the tube. You can easily approach the scratch, and after squeezing, smooth it with a scraper.

You will save time and money, and get a completely new look for the furniture, just like from a salon. Thanks to its multi-purpose use, the concealer can be used to restore and repair scratches and cracks, as well as change the color of wood, furniture, doors, tables, cabinets, wooden floors, etc.

To match the color of the concealer with the color of the furniture, you can find the concealer in three different colors: white, light brown, and dark brown. A crack repair concealer can fix the look of your home without the extra hassle of painting, varnishing, and polishing.

Beeswax and Glue

Cracks in the furniture can be closed by inserting beeswax, then leveling the wax with the surface of the furniture with a heated knife to soften the wax and make it easier to shape.

Another way is to mix wood glue with sawdust and put this mixture into the crack. Make sure that the mixture is liquid enough to be easily inserted into the crack. When the glue dries well (after 24 hours), i.e. when it is completely solid, level it with fine sandpaper and finally paint or varnish it if necessary.

Until now, furniture restorers have been repairing the furniture, but now it is not such a problem. With our advice and the right materials, you will be able to solve this problem yourself.

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