9 Things to Consider When Setting up Your New Home after a Big Move

Last updated on May 18, 2024

Congratulations on your big move! Now, you have to set up your home, determine the layout of all the furniture, and organize your belongings, reshaping this new living space into a comfortable dream home.

Setting up your home after moving is the first step towards restoring normalization in your life, adjusting to your new neighborhood, and optimizing your living space. That’s especially important if you’re moved to a big city like Wichita, Kansas, and are having a hard time settling in. Well, you’re not alone! Wichita’s population has grown by 0.75% since 2022, and a lot of newcomers are facing the same problem.

So, here’s how you turn your new house into a home.

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Create a Moving Checklist

Create a Moving Checklist

Organize your relocation process by creating a comprehensive checklist so you can schedule all the post-moving tasks beforehand. Creating a checklist helps you write down all the things you have to do before, during, and after moving. You can just use that Notes app on your phone to create and then amend this checklist. That’s how you can stay on top of all low-priority and high-priority tasks.

Book Movers in Advance

Book Movers in Advance

Some people act casually about hiring movers and don’t do it ‘till the last minute. That’s now how a well-organized move works. You have to book a reliable moving company in advance, especially if it’s a big move that you’re planning.

It’s not that difficult or expensive to book movers. Wichita is a city known for its affordability; its cost of living is 9% lower than the national average. So, you can easily look for Wichita moving companies online, compare quotes and services, and choose the most suitable one to transport your belongings to Kansas.

The trick to setting up your new house successfully is to have your stuff delivered there on time.

Secure Your Home

Secure Your Home

Start by checking the safety and security of your home. Here’s how you should go about doing that:

  • Get new locks for your front doors. You never know who else has a spare key to your house. And you can’t take the previous inhabitant’s word for it. 
  • Don’t forget to child-proof your home by locking all the windows and placing sharp objects at the topmost cabinets, preventing your babies from inflicting harm upon themselves.
  • Make sure all the radon, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors are working fine.

That’s how you can start setting up your new home, knowing full well that this place is 100% safe for your kids.

Check Where Everything’s At

Check Where Everything’s At

Locate where the fuse box and water valve are located in your new home so you can turn off the supply in an emergency. Also, get your bearings with the house’s overall condition. That’s essentially something you have to take care of before moving, such as doing the necessary renovations or giving the place a fresh coat of paint.

If you find light switches that don’t work or windows with broken locks, then take care of these issues before setting up your new home. Give your residence a nice once-over after a big move, and that is how you can settle here easily.

Connect the Utilities

Do away with this step a few days before moving. Make sure your new living space has all the crucial utilities – gas, water, and electricity, for instance – to account for a comfortable life. That’s important if you’re planning a big move or relocating to Kansas from a faraway town.

Nobody likes to spend their first time at their new home without water or unpacking their stuff in the dark. 

Clean the House Properly

Don’t just assume that the previous owner/tenant cleaned the house before your arrival. It’s best if you take the cleansing in your hands and call a deep-cleaning service to remove all vestiges of the former inhabitants from this place. They will wash, clean, scrub, disinfect, and take care of all hidden/visible germs before your family eventually moves in here.

The deep-cleaning part is very important to set up your new home and turn it into a hygienic place to live, especially when Wichita is deemed one of the worst places for people with asthma, allergies, and general breathing problems.

Unpack Your Essentials First

It’s important to unpack efficiently after moving so you can turn your new living space into a comfy haven. Start by unpacking your essentials, i.e., the stuff you cannot live without. In fact, pack these essentials separately and carry them on your person when moving. That’s how you can spend your 1st night at the new home comfortably in your pajamas and bedding. These essentials include:

  • Personal documents
  • Prescription medications
  • Essential bedding and linens 
  • Some basic cleaning supplies
  • Toiletries and some extra clothes
  • A kettle and some other kitchen utensils
  • Your electronic devices and their chargers

Tell Everyone about Your Move

All that’s left now is to tell everyone about your big move, especially if you’ve moved to Kansas from miles away. Change your address, make it official, and ensure your details are up to date. Also, don’t forget to contact the relevant government organizations and inform them of this change. It’s crucial to update your driver’s license and voter registration after changing your home address.

Explore Your New Neighborhood

In the end, it’s time to explore your new neighborhood in Wichita, say hello to neighbors, and start your life anew in this amazing Kansas town. Introduce yourself to your next-door neighbors and feel you’ll feel like a part of the community.

They can share some tidbits about your new neighbors, help you join some local clubs, and make the assimilation part of moving much easier.

The Takeaway

If you truly wanna create a home that reflects you, then follow the tips mentioned above. After moving to a new place, focus on optimizing space, creating a welcoming atmosphere, and ensuring practicality. Get the whole place deep-cleaned, meet the neighbors, and make sure all basic utilities are there.

It’s better to create a moving checklist in advance and hire capable Wichita movers as well.

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