What to Hang Above a Door

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Discover creative and eye-catching ideas to transform your doorway by exploring our top picks for items you can hang above a door, instantly adding charm and personality to any space.

As we decorate our homes, we often overlook the space above our doors. It’s an area that can add a touch of personality and charm to any room.

Whether it’s your front door, bedroom door, or bathroom door, this space is perfect for adding some visual interest. But what should you hang there? With so many options available, it can be challenging to decide what works best for your home decor style.

In this article, we’ll explore some creative ideas on what to hang above a door and how you can make the most of this often-neglected space. So let’s dive in!

Key takeaways:

  • Welcome Signs: Classic, customizable, and seasonal options.
  • Nameplates: Functional and personalized for identification.
  • House Number Plaques: Adds elegance and helps locate your home.
  • Family Name Signs: Personalized and adds curb appeal.
  • Customized Door Toppers: Reflects your style and identifies rooms.

Table of Contents

Welcome Signs

Welcome Signs door

Welcome signs are a classic and timeless way to greet guests as they enter your home. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials such as wood, metal or acrylic.

You can choose from pre-made designs or customize one with your family name or favorite quote. A welcome sign above the front door is an excellent way to make a great first impression on visitors while adding some personality to your entryway.

If you’re looking for something more unique than the traditional “welcome” message, consider opting for a seasonal greeting that changes throughout the year. For example, you could hang up a “Happy Holidays” sign during Christmas time or switch it out for an Easter-themed design in springtime.


They come in various materials, including wood, metal, acrylic, and glass. You can choose from different fonts and styles that match your home’s decor or reflect your personality.

A nameplate is not only functional but also adds an aesthetic appeal to the entrance of any room. It helps visitors identify whose space they are entering while adding a sense of ownership for the homeowner.

You can customize nameplates with family names or individual names for each member of the household. Some people even include their house number on their nameplate as an added convenience for guests trying to locate them.

House Number Plaques

Door with house number

Not only does it help visitors locate your home, but it also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the exterior. House number plaques come in various styles, materials, shapes, and sizes that can complement any home decor style.

You can choose from classic brass or bronze numbers on a wooden board for traditional homes or sleek modern designs with LED lighting for contemporary homes. Some homeowners even opt for customized house number plaques that feature their family name or favorite quote alongside their address numbers.

When selecting a house number plaque, consider its visibility from the street as well as its durability against weather elements such as rain and sun exposure. A high-quality material like stainless steel will ensure longevity while adding an upscale look to your entryway.

Family Name Signs

These signs can be customized with your family name, and they come in various styles and materials such as wood, metal or acrylic. You can choose from different fonts, colors and sizes that match the style of your home.

A Family Name Sign above the front door is an excellent way to welcome guests into your home while also adding curb appeal. It’s also perfect for identifying which house is yours if you live in a neighborhood where houses look similar.

In addition to being functional, Family Name Signs are sentimental pieces that make great gifts for newlyweds or families moving into new homes. They’re not only practical but also serve as beautiful reminders of love and unity within the family unit.

Customized Door Toppers

These unique pieces can be customized with your family name, favorite quote, or even an image that represents you and your family. They come in various materials such as wood, metal or acrylic and can be designed in different shapes and sizes.

A customized door topper is not only decorative but also functional as it helps visitors identify the room they are entering. It’s perfect for those who want their home decor style reflected on every corner of their house.

When choosing a customized door topper, consider the material that will best suit your needs. For example, if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions like rain or snowfall frequently occurring then choose something durable like metal or acrylic which won’t rust easily.

Photo Frames

They allow you to display cherished memories, family photos, or artwork that complements your home decor style. You can choose from various sizes and styles of photo frames, including wooden frames with intricate designs or sleek metal ones for a modern look.

To make it more interesting, consider creating a gallery wall by hanging multiple photo frames in different shapes and sizes above your door. This will add depth and dimension to the area while showcasing some of your favorite moments captured on camera.

Another idea is to use vintage-style picture hangers with clips instead of traditional photo frames. These hangers give off an antique vibe while still allowing you to switch out pictures easily whenever you want.

Wall Art Pieces

This can include anything from paintings, prints, and posters to tapestries or even decorative plates. The key is to choose something that complements your existing decor style while also adding visual interest and personality.

For example, if you have a minimalist interior design scheme with neutral colors throughout the room, consider hanging a bold abstract painting above your doorway. Alternatively, if you have an eclectic mix of vintage and modern decor elements in your space, try hanging an antique mirror or framed photograph above the door.

When choosing wall art pieces for this area of your home, keep in mind that they should be appropriately sized so as not to overwhelm the space but still make an impact. Consider using picture-hanging hardware designed specifically for heavier items like mirrors or large frames.

Seasonal Wreaths

door decors

Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, or Easter, there is always a wreath that can match the occasion. These decorative pieces come in various shapes and sizes with different materials such as flowers, leaves, twigs or even ornaments.

For example: A beautiful autumn-themed wreath made of dried leaves and berries can be hung above your front door during fall season while an evergreen pinecone-adorned one would look perfect for winter holidays.

Not only do seasonal wreaths add visual interest but they also create an inviting atmosphere for guests who visit your home. They’re easy to install too! Simply hang them on a hook above the door using ribbon or wire.

If you want something more personalized than store-bought ones then consider making one yourself! You could use natural elements like branches from trees in your yard along with colorful ribbons and bows to create unique designs that reflect your personality.

Overall seasonal wreaths are versatile decorations that can be used throughout the year depending on what holiday or event you’re celebrating.

Seasonal Banners

These can be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, paper, or even burlap. Seasonal banners are perfect for adding a touch of festivity to your home during holidays like Christmas or Halloween.

They can also be used to celebrate other special occasions such as birthdays or weddings.

When choosing seasonal banners for above your door, consider the color scheme and style that best fits with your existing decor. You may want something bright and bold for summer months while opting for more muted tones in fall.

Feng Shui Symbols

These ancient Chinese symbols are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and positive energy into the home.

One popular symbol is the Bagua mirror. This round mirror features eight trigrams that represent different aspects of life such as wealth, health, love, and career.

Placing this mirror above your front door is said to deflect negative energy away from your home while inviting in positive chi.

Another popular Feng Shui symbol is the Fu Dog or Lion statue. These statues are often placed on either side of a doorway for protection against negative energies entering the space.

The Dragon Turtle is another powerful Feng Shui symbol that can be hung above a door for good fortune and longevity. This mythical creature represents strength and wisdom while also bringing abundance into one’s life.

Good Luck Charms

horseshoes in doors

These can range from traditional symbols like horseshoes or four-leaf clovers to more modern interpretations such as dreamcatchers or evil eye talismans. Not only do these charms add visual interest, but they also bring positive energy into your home.

Plus, it’s always nice to have a little extra luck on your side! When choosing a good luck charm for above your door, think about what resonates with you personally and fits in with the overall style of the room. Whether it’s an antique key that represents unlocking new opportunities or an elephant figurine that symbolizes strength and wisdom – there are plenty of options out there to choose from!

Inspirational Quotes

door family sign

They can be hung above the door as a daily reminder of your goals, dreams, or values. You can choose from an endless variety of quotes that resonate with you and reflect your personality.

Whether it’s a famous quote by someone you admire or something personal that inspires you, there is no shortage of options.

You can opt for simple typography prints with black and white text or colorful designs that match the color scheme in the room. Inspirational quotes also come in various sizes and shapes; they could be small enough to fit on top of the door frame or large enough to cover most part of the wall above it.

When choosing an inspirational quote for this space, consider what message would best suit its purpose – welcoming guests into your home! A warm greeting like “Home Sweet Home” will make them feel comfortable right away while other motivational phrases such as “Dream Big” may inspire them before entering any room.

Bells and Wind Chimes

door Wind Chimes

They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials such as metal, wood or glass. You can choose from traditional designs or modern ones that complement your style.

Wind chimes create a calming atmosphere with their gentle tinkling sound when the breeze blows through them. They are perfect for outdoor spaces like patios and gardens but also work well indoors near an open window.

Bells have been used for centuries in different cultures around the world as symbols of good luck, protection against evil spirits or simply decorative items. Hanging bells above a door is believed to bring positive energy into the house while warding off negative vibes.

When choosing bells or wind chimes for above your door, consider their size and weight so they don’t overpower the space nor pose any safety hazards if they fall down accidentally due to strong winds.

Lighting Fixtures

steel doors

They not only provide illumination but also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for guests. Pendant lights, chandeliers, or wall sconces can be hung above the door frame or on either side of it.

These lighting fixtures come in various styles, from modern to traditional designs that complement any home decor style.

When choosing lighting fixtures for your doorway, consider the size of the space and how much light you need. If you have a small entryway with low ceilings, opt for flush mount ceiling lights or wall sconces that don’t take up too much space but still provide adequate light.

On the other hand, if you have high ceilings in your foyer area or want to make a statement with grandeur lighting pieces like chandeliers hanging above your front door is an excellent option as they draw attention upwards towards them creating drama while providing ample illumination at night time.

Security Cameras

door cctv

Security cameras come in various sizes and styles, making it easy to find one that fits the aesthetic of your home. They can be connected directly to an app on your phone or computer so that you can monitor any activity outside of the door from anywhere at any time.

This is especially useful if you have children who are often alone at home or if there has been suspicious activity in the neighborhood recently. However, before installing a security camera above your door, make sure it’s legal in your area as some states have specific laws regarding surveillance equipment placement.

Ensure that it doesn’t violate anyone’s privacy rights by pointing away from neighboring properties or public areas. Overall adding a security camera not only adds protection but also peace of mind knowing what goes on around our homes when we aren’t present.

Handmade Crafts

door decor

Whether you’re looking for something rustic or modern, there’s always an option that suits your style. You can create handmade crafts yourself or purchase them from local artisans and craft fairs.

One of the best things about handmade crafts is their uniqueness. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and adds character to any space it occupies.

From macrame wall hangings to woven baskets, there are endless possibilities when it comes to incorporating handmade items above your doors.

If you’re feeling creative, consider making some DIY projects like dreamcatchers or painted wooden signs with inspirational quotes on them. These pieces not only look beautiful but also serve as reminders of positivity every time you walk through the door.

Alternatively, if crafting isn’t really your thing, support local artists by purchasing their creations instead! Look for unique pieces at craft fairs in your area or browse online marketplaces like Etsy where independent sellers offer handcrafted items from all over the world.

Cultural Decorations

Chinese lanterns door

From African masks and Indian tapestries to Japanese fans and Chinese lanterns, there are countless options available that can reflect your heritage or interests. These decorations not only add visual interest but also serve as conversation starters for guests who visit your home.

When choosing cultural decorations, it’s essential to consider the color scheme of the room where you’ll be hanging them. You want these pieces to complement rather than clash with other decor elements in the space.

Make sure that any items you choose are authentic and ethically sourced if possible.

Vintage Decorations

door rustic decor

Whether you’re into shabby chic, rustic or mid-century modern styles, there’s always something vintage that can complement your decor. You can find unique pieces at flea markets, antique shops or even in your grandma’s attic! Vintage signs with catchy slogans and graphics make excellent conversation starters when hung above doors leading to the kitchen or dining room.

Old-fashioned doorknobs and locks also add an authentic touch of history while serving as functional pieces of hardware.

If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, consider hanging vintage picture frames above doorways filled with black-and-white family photos from generations past. This not only adds visual interest but also creates a sense of warmth and familiarity throughout the house.

Mirrors and Reflectors

door with mirror

It’s also a great way to add some extra light to darker areas of your home. Mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, so you can choose one that complements your decor style.

You could opt for something simple like a round or rectangular mirror with minimalistic framing, or go for something more ornate with intricate designs around the edges.

Reflectors are another option that adds both functionality and aesthetic appeal to any doorway. They come in different materials such as metal, glass, plastic among others; they’re designed specifically for reflecting light into dark spaces while adding an elegant touch to any room.

Whether you choose mirrors or reflectors above your doors depends on what works best for you based on personal preference and interior design style preferences.

Plants and Dried Herbs

door with plants

You can choose from a wide variety of plants, including succulents, ferns, and ivy. These green beauties not only add visual interest but also purify the air in your home.

Dried herbs such as lavender or eucalyptus can be hung in bundles above the door for their fragrant aroma that will fill up space with natural scents. They are perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in bedrooms or bathrooms.

When choosing plants to hang above doors, consider how much light they need and whether they require regular watering. Also make sure that you have enough clearance between the plant and any opening/closing doors so it doesn’t get damaged.

Overall adding some greenery to this often-neglected space is an easy way to create warmth while bringing life into any room!.


What can I hang above a door?

You can hang collections of glassware, memorabilia, tchotchke, textile, ceramic, stationary, or baskets above a door to artfully incorporate them into your décor and provide functional storage.

What to hang above door for good luck?

To attract good luck to your home, hang a horseshoe above the door either outside or inside your front door as a decorative conversation piece.

What is a door topper called?

The door topper is called a head jamb.

What are some creative decor ideas for the space above a door?

Consider installing a decorative shelf, unique artwork, vintage signs, or an eye-catching wreath for a creative touch above your door.

How can I incorporate Feng Shui principles when choosing items to hang above my door?

To incorporate Feng Shui principles when choosing items to hang above your door, select items that promote positive energy, such as chimes or symbols for prosperity and protection.

Are there any traditional symbols or cultural items commonly placed above doors worldwide?

Various cultures around the world often place items such as horseshoes, Evil Eye amulets, mezuzahs, guardian lions, or omamori above doors for protection, luck, or blessings.

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