20 Top Wall Cover Ideas for Plumbing: Tips and Creative Solutions

Last updated on May 10, 2024

Discover innovative wall cover ideas for plumbing because hidden pipes not only elevate the visual appeal of your home, but also ensure maintenance accessibility.

I take immense pride in crafting this article about the top 20 wall cover ideas for plumbing, alongside unique designs conceived by myself, and I sincerely hope that you’ll find them as inspiring and enjoyable as I did while creating them.

Covering exposed plumbing can transform an eyesore into a design feature. Whether it’s a pipe running across a wall or a radiator that’s seen better days, there are a multitude of stylish and functional ways to disguise these elements.

From using decorative radiator covers to integrating pipes into the overall design scheme, this article will delve into a variety of wall cover ideas for plumbing. It will provide a comprehensive guide to choosing the right solution, taking into account both aesthetics and functionality.

So, if you’re looking for ingenious ways to conceal plumbing, stay tuned for an array of creative solutions.

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Decorative Wooden Panels

decorative wooden panels

When it comes to masking unsightly pipes, the versatility of decorative wooden panels is unmatched. First, they fit a plethora of home decor styles, from rustic to contemporary and beyond. Choose a finish that complements your interior for a seamless look.

Second, these panels are DIY-friendly. They can be cut to custom sizes, catering to the specific dimensions of your plumbing fixture. Additionally, with user-friendly installation methods, such as peel and stick or clip and rail, putting up wooden panels is a straightforward job for crafty homeowners.

Lastly, they provide added insulation and noise reduction, a bonus when dealing with noisy plumbing. Consider these factors when deciding on the type and thickness of your panels.

In essence, decorative wooden panels offer an effective, stylistically flexible, and practical solution to cover and further dampen plumbing in your home.

Faux Brick Wall Covering

faux brick wall covering

Offering a unique blend of rustic charm and urban sophistication, faux brick wall coverings serve as an incredibly versatile and attractive choice. This cost-effective solution offers the following benefits:

1. Easy Installation: Made from lightweight materials, such as foam or vinyl, they are easy to install, even over existing wall surfaces.

2. Variety: Available in an array of colors and finishes, there’s a faux brick option to match any design scheme.

3. Low Maintenance: Resistant to stains, chips, and damage, this wall covering requires minimal upkeep, making it a worry-free choice.

4. Flexibility: It’s adaptable to hide various plumbing elements, retaining its aesthetic appeal while ensuring practical needs are met.

5. Adds Texture: Bringing in a tactile element, it visually warms up a space while providing an interesting feature to the room.

6. Insulating Properties: In addition to aesthetic benefits, faux brick wall coverings also provide some insulation, creating a more energy-efficient room.

Remember to consider the size of the space and the amount of natural light when choosing a color and finish. With correct placement, faux brick wall coverings can truly transform a space while conveniently hiding those less visually pleasing aspects like plumbing.

Fabric Wall Hangings

fabric wall hangings

Ideal for effortlessly concealing unsightly pipes, fabric hangings boast a multifold benefit. Not only can they add a splash of color and texture to your space, they also provide a quick and cost-effective solution.

Choose a material that complements your interior design scheme for optimal aesthetic appeal. Heavy drapes or tapestries, for example, can introduce a sense of opulence into more traditional spaces, while lighter fabrics, such as linen or cotton, may suit modern, minimalist interiors better.

Consider wall runners for a more refined look. Easy to install and move, these provide an elegant option for those seeking a more subtle cover-up. Alternatively, for a more eclectic feel, numerous small hangings of varying designs can lend your space a gallery wall effect.

Remember, the fabric choice should always be guided by practical considerations. Opt for easily cleanable, durable fabrics to withstand the wear and tear. Lastly, hanging methods such as curtain rods or fabric hangings with pre-sewn grommets ensure easy removal for plumbing access and cleaning.

Custom-made Shelving

custom made shelving

Custom-made shelves not only provide a practical solution for covering unsightly plumbing fixtures but also add the important advantage of extra storage. You can designate specific areas for books, photographs, artwork, or other cherished items. This unique approach encourages a beautifully organized environment.

With customization, you are free to request materials, colors, and designs that reflect your style and match the overall decor of your home. Plus, they can be made to fit any space – large or small. Remember, designing these shelves should ensure easy access to key plumbing areas if needed. Seek professional help to ascertain ideal building materials for your unique conditions, taking into account variables such as moisture levels and room temperature. The design and finish should augment the aesthetic of the space while taking care of the practical needs.

Painted Canvas Cover

painted canvas cover

A painted canvas cover can tastefully conceal unsightly pipes while infusing the room with a personal touch. Selecting a canvas with a design and color scheme that complements the décor can enhance aesthetic appeal.

Securely mounting the canvas ensures accessible plumbing, while the use of weather-resistant paint guards against potential water damage. When considering size, ensure the canvas is slightly larger than the area to cover, providing comprehensive coverage and balancing proportions within the room.

With an array of styles available, this is an opportunity to make a personal statement, from modern abstract art to a charming country landscape, turning a necessity into a focal point.

Hideaway Cabinet Doors

hideaway cabinet doors

Hideaway cabinet doors offer an efficient, stylish solution to conceal plumbing. These built-in features blend seamlessly with your interior décor, providing a sleek and modern aesthetic.

Key advantages include:

  • 1. Versatility: These cabinet doors are customizable to suit your home’s unique style, available in myriad colours, styles, and finishes.
  • 2. Functionality: The cabinet doors offer an effective hideaway for unsightly plumbing, without hampering accessibility.
  • 3. Extra Storage: Cabinet doors provide additional space for storing toiletries or cleaning supplies, maximizing the use of your living area.
  • 4. Easy Installation: Professional installation ensures a snug fit and optimal functionality. However, with basic skills, you could attempt a DIY project.
  • 5. Easy Maintenance: Simply wiping the doors with a clean, damp cloth will keep them in pristine condition.

Remember, it’s important that your hideaway cabinet doors match the rest of the room’s décor. This will guarantee a harmonious design flow.

Wall-mounted Storage Units

wall mounted storage units

Optimizing the area that camouflages the pipes, storage units can provide an ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality. With a variety of styles to choose from, these units can conform to the room’s decor while offering extra space for storing items, usually in drawers or compartments.

1. Multiple Sizes: They can be scaled to any dimension necessary, from small spice racks in the kitchen to large bookshelves in the living room.

2. Different Styles: Modern, traditional, rustic or industrial, there’s an array of designs to complement your home’s aesthetic.

3. Functional Decor: These can add character to your space while holding your belongings, addressing two needs at once.

4. Easy Access: Ideal especially in bathrooms or kitchens, these units allow immediate reach to your necessities.

5. Customizable: The units can be modified to fit around plumbing fixtures, ensuring a snug fit and seamless look.

Remember, the key here is to coordinate the style of the units with the rest of your room to ensure they blend in seamlessly, creating an orderly and structured look.

Mirrored Wall Panels

mirrored wall panels

Mirrored panels add depth to any space, creating an illusion of expansiveness. Ideal for small areas, they discreetly conceal plumbing while offering a streamlined and modern aesthetic. Proper placement, reflecting light or a compelling view, can further enhance their appeal.

Installation varies from full-sized wall mirrors to smaller tiles, providing flexibility to suit your decor. Choose the mirror style that best matches the room’s overall design, such as frameless for a modern appeal or framed for a more traditional look.

Maintenance is straightforward; regular glass cleaner and a soft cloth maintain the mirror’s shine and clarity. Overtime, if they suffer damage or tarnishing, individual panels can be replaced, maintaining the wall’s pristine appearance over time. Their durable nature makes them a practical, as well as stylistic choice.

Part of their charm is in their multipurpose use, extending beyond camouflage for plumbing. They can be used as a functional mirror in a hallway or dressing space, or simply to provide a visual point of interest.

Stenciled Plywood

stenciled plywood

Stenciling offers a distinctive touch that remains entirely customizable to your distinctive aesthetic preferences. A blank section of plywood can transform into an attractive facet of your home decor with this method.

For this endeavor, you’d need your chosen stencil design, a stencil brush, and paint. High contrasts often manifest better results, so consider a dark paint on a lightly stained plywood or vice versa. To begin, secure the stencil onto the plywood using painter’s tape, ensuring firm placement. Once steady, lightly dab your brush in the paint, offloading excess onto a piece of cardboard before applying it to the stencil. Commence with a dabbing motion to prevent paint bleeding under the stencil.

Remember to let the paint dry before removing the stencil to maintain the sharp lines. Repeat the steps until you cover your entire plywood. If you’re opting for multiple colors, let each color dry before adding the next. Now, incorporate it into your decor as a wall panel to conceal plumbing work. It’s an opportunity to infuse creativity while solving an eyesore problem around the house. Despite its usefulness, it also amplifies a relaxing DIY project.

Storage Wall With Sliding Doors

storage wall with sliding doors

Utilizing every inch creatively is vital when it comes to covering unsightly plumbing – a storage wall with sliding doors holds promise for that purpose. As an efficient, space-saving solution, it allows for simultaneous concealment of pipes while catering to storage needs.

Sliding doors offer easy access, are perfect for narrow areas, and can be tailored to match any décor style. On the interior, shelves can be designed to fit specific items, making organization a breeze. And for the exterior, use paint, decorative paper, or fabric to express personal taste.

Material choices are vast, too. For a sleek, minimalist look, opt for lacquered finish. For a touch of rustic charm, perhaps reclaimed wood would be more fitting. Cabinets can also be made to replicate bookcases, adding both functionality and a unique visual appeal.

On an added note, a professional installation ensures smooth operation and lasting durability. So, not only does a storage wall with sliding doors serve as a camouflage for plumbing, but it becomes a stylish, functional, and integral part of the home’s interior architecture.

Tapestry or Wall Carpet

tapestry or wall carpet

Tapestries or wall carpets provide a unique way to cover exposed plumbing. They are revered for their elegant appeal and versatility matching various decor styles. To hang, simply install a curtain rod above the problematic area. Such textile art can bring color, texture and softness to a room. Remember to choose one with the right size to ensure full coverage and create a cohesive look.

Maintenance-wise, it’s advisable to vacuum gently or spot clean, avoiding direct sunlight to prevent fading. Its portability allows for design changes whenever necessary. Additionally, in a practical sense, a thick tapestry can provide minor insulation and soundproofing benefits.

It’s possible to find a rich variety of wall carpets, from minimalist abstract designs to tapestries replicating famous artworks. This ensures that there’s always something for every taste and decor style.

Wall Decals or Wall Stickers

wall decals or wall stickers

These adhesive embellishments are available in countless designs, sizes and colors, offering ample opportunities to mesh with existing decor. From simple shapes to intricate murals, decals can match any theme or style. They come in big pieces, allowing for quick and easy coverage of plumbing fixtures and pipes. An added appeal is the ease of installation—simply peel and stick on a smooth clean surface. If the decor changes or relocation is needed, removal is just as straightforward with no damage to the wall. This flexibility, combined with a low cost, makes decals an appealing option for many homeowners.

For a more personalized touch, several companies allow customers to design or select their own images or patterns for custom decals. While they are typically made of vinyl, some options are made from reusable materials to affix numerous times. Notably, they serve as a temporary solution for renters who want to spruce up their spaces without risking their security deposit.

Decals are not only decorative but also functional. Some feature built-in hooks to hang lightweight items such as keys or jewelry, which can contribute to a tidy, well-organized space. However, despite many benefits, decals are best used in low-traffic areas, as they are susceptible to wear and tear. They also may not stick well in areas with high humidity or extreme temperature changes.

Tiled Wall Boxes

tiled wall boxes

Creating a feature out of what would otherwise be an eyesore, tiled wall boxes can be both aesthetic and functional. Combining an array of stylish tiles to match your decor can evoke a chic vibe, while the box shape obscures plumbing with a trendy design element.

Points to consider when pursuing this design:

  • 1. The tile pattern and color should blend with your existing decor to maintain harmony.
  • 2. To accommodate plumbing fixtures, customize the size and dimensions of the box.
  • 3. Keep maintenance in mind. The selection of tiles should be easy to clean given its exposure to moisture.
  • 4. The box can be practical. Incorporate shelves for storage or display items to optimize space.
  • 5. Installation could require professional assistance, depending upon the complexity of your chosen design.

Remember, the key to an effective design lies not only in concealing the plumbing but also in enhancing your overall interior design aesthetic.

Use of Repurposed Doors

use of repurposed doors

Embracing the charm of rustic aesthetics, salvage finds like old barn doors, antique French doors or industrial steel doors can create a visually stunning facade for disguising plumbing fixtures. This concept not only helps in recycling and preserving historical pieces, but it also adds a unique design element.

Rustic Appeal: Perfect for interiors that lean towards the country or shabby chic design style. A weathered wooden door with its rich texture hides pipes while adding warmth and character.

Industrial Accent: An old, frosted glass or steel door with unique detailing can provide a focal point for an urban or industrial interior.

Color Pop: Old doors can be painted in bright colors to add a pop of vibrancy and divert attention away from hidden plumbing fixtures.

Just ensure the mounted doors can be easily moved to allow plumbing access as needed. With minimal hardware and effort, these repurposed doors can turn a potentially unsightly necessity into a delightful accent wall.

Remember, each piece will carry its history, making it a conversation starter for any guest appreciating your eye for a unique design approach.

Wall With Integrated Artwork

wall with integrated artwork

Utilizing artwork cleverly can not only camouflage unsightly plumbing but also serve as an engaging decorative statement. You can feasibly incorporate murals, framed pieces, or multi-dimensional wall sculptures.

Beware of the weight and the method of attachment you choose, to avoid causing damage. Light, flexible canvas paintings or vinyl wall stickers are often preferred alternatives, harmonizing aesthetics with practicality. A captivating piece of art distracts and communicates your unique style.

Remember, the artwork doesn’t need to remain static. Seasonal changes or rotating selections can keep the space fresh and intriguing. One significant advantage is the ability to access plumbing when necessary, without the need for deconstruction.

Hanging Plant Wall

hanging plant wall

Incorporating nature into your décor scheme allows for a sense of calm and balance. The addition of a hanging plant wall not only camouflages unsightly plumbing fixtures but also introduces an appealing living element to the overall interior design.

Consider using a wire mesh or a pegboard as a base, which makes it easy to hang various types of potted plants based on your personal preference. Succulents, ferns, or trailing ivy are excellent choices as they require minimal upkeep.

Ensure that the plants receive ample light and humidity levels are appropriate to maintain their vitality. Even if natural light is limited, many low-light plants can thrive in such conditions. Besides, LED light panels can be utilized to supplement natural light.

To avoid water damage to the wall, use waterproof containers and consider a drip irrigation system that directs water back into a basin.

Remember, it’s not only about disguising the plumbing but also boosting the aesthetics and air quality in your home. Experiment with different arrangements and species until you find the perfect blend that elevates your space and effectively masks the plumbing.

Quilted Wall Hanging

quilted wall hanging

A quilted wall hanging not only disguises unsightly plumbing, but simultaneously offers a splash of color and texture to rooms. Opt for a design that suits the ambiance of the space–from traditional florals to modern geometric patterns, there is a wide range of choices available.

Crafty individuals might find enjoyment in creating a custom quilted piece, giving an extra personal touch to the cover-up. Bear in mind, it’s essential to select a fabric that complements other decor elements in the room to establish a harmonious look.

Choosing a quilting pattern with visual depth can also give an illusionary effect, further drawing attention away from any underlying pipework. A good tip for hanging these quilted masterpieces is using command hooks. This method ensures damage-free placement and removal, ideal for both short term and long term solutions.

So don’t miss out on this unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solution to mask your unsightly plumbing. Tap into the world of textured wonder with a well-chosen quilted wall hanging!

Framed Poster Wall Art

framed poster wall art

Poster art offers an array of stunning visuals that can efficiently distract from your hidden plumbing. Centuries-old vintage posters, modern abstract designs, places you’ve been, places you dream of, famous quotes, or your favorite band’s concert, selecting the right one for your space may take time. But rest assured, the search will be worth it when you locate a piece that resonates with your decor and psychology.

Not only is this form of covering easy to install, but its flexibility allows for quick changes when the mood or decor strikes. With thousands of prints available, there’s no limit to your creativity – from a single statement piece to an elaborate composition of various sizes and themes. Remember to properly frame them to protect from dust and damage. Better still, a plexiglass front is a formidable choice if in a high-traffic or damp area.

Hanging systems are important considerations. 3M strips, for example, offer a no-drill approach, while rail systems provide a sturdy and adjustable alternative – ideal if multiple posters are in the cards. Measure twice, hang once. And yes, aligning is key, no one appreciates a leaning artwork.

Hidden Door to Secret Room

hidden door to secret room

A concealed, hidden door offers an innovative solution to plumbing cover. It’s versatile and modern, blending seamlessly with the rest of the wall. This approach proves that it’s not just about hiding the plumbing; it can add an interesting design element too, sparking curiosity among your guests.

1. Design Consistency: It perfectly aligns with wall surfaces creating a coherent design. Whether your wall is painted, wallpapered, or panelled, the hidden door can be a perfect match.

2. Space Utilization: In smaller houses or apartments, this interesting feature does not take up additional space. It remains flat against the wall, ensuring you maximize your existing layout.

3. Customizable: If you’re ambitious, consider adding bookshelves or artwork on the hidden door. This elevates the decoration level and merges functionality with aesthetics.

4. Easy Access: The door provides direct access to the plumbing, making it easy for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

5. Surprise Factor: It’s not just a practical solution, it’s a conversation starter. The secret room hidden behind an almost invisible door can be a fun and unexpected highlight for visitors.

Remember, working with a skilled craftsman will ensure the proper construction and functionality of the hidden door.

Modern Waterproof Panels

modern waterproof panels

For a more functional and contemporary aesthetic, consider these panels. Specially designed to resist water penetration, they are an excellent choice for concealing plumbing routes in kitchens, bathrooms, and utility areas.

These panels offer multiple benefits:

  • They are easy to install, reducing labor costs.
  • Their waterproof nature prevents moisture absorption, making them ideal for high-humidity areas.
  • They are available in various designs and colors, which allows you to seamlessly blend them with existing décor.
  • They provide easy access to plumbing, making future maintenance less of a hassle.
  • Lastly, they are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, saving time on upkeep.

Their combination of practicality and style makes them a worthy addition to any home decoration plan.

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