5 Amazing Home Decor Ideas to Make Your House Look More Expensive

Last updated on June 27, 2024

Use these five home decor ideas to make your home look more expensive without breaking the bank. Read on!

It doesn’t matter whether you are living in a house, flat, or apartment; you can always upgrade your inner living space with the right wholesale home décor. Besides, if you want to achieve a high-end expensive feel and touch at home, here are some universal tips that will help you make your home appear more expensive. The best part about these tips is that they are perfectly suitable for any design style. 

Without further ado, let us jump straight into the list: 

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Improve Lighting

home decor lamp

If there is one thing that you cannot ignore while making your home look more expensive, you have to assess your home lighting with a critical eye. The lighting inside your house sets the tone and feel of your living space, and the right lighting scheme can make your living space instantly more expensive and high-end. 

The trick for the perfect lighting in your home is to create focal points, areas of interest, and a pool of light. For instance, the addition of an oversized pendant is an excellent idea for inducing a high-end touch, especially when the pendant is positioned over a kitchen island.  Also, whenever possible, use warm light bulbs and dimmers; however, if you use smart lights, make sure to use motion sensors. 

Perfect the Windows

Another way to achieve that expensive interior space is by perfecting the windows of the house. When it comes to installing curtains, always opt for full-length curtains. Simultaneously, make sure that the curtain rods are positioned high and wide, as this will create the perfect high-end luxurious space. 

If, for some reason, you cannot go long on the curtains, don’t opt for short ones either. Make sure to opt for a middle length and of the roman shade. If, by any chance, your windows are covered with the typical flimsy metal blinds, you need to get rid of these instantly. 

Keep the Base Neutral

If you look at magazines that display pictures of luxury interiors, you will find one common theme: a majority of the luxury spaces use neutral-colored furniture as their base. While using a neutral base, you will see the incorporation of colors, patterns, and texture through accessories and décor. 

If you want to achieve an expensive look, we recommend doing the same. By doing so, you will also save money in the long run. 

Add Wall Treatments

Like window treatments, you should also focus on the interior walls, especially if you are on a budget but still want to achieve that high-end touch. To begin with, using the right wallpaper can be a defined way to make your space instantly feel more luxurious. 

However, you can also incorporate other things, such as wood slat walls and using mirrors. Also, learn about the psychology of wall paints and how each color may impact the overall feel and touch of the room. 

Use Grand Art Pieces

If you are not a mirror person but want to add something luxurious and glorious to the walls, we recommend going big on selected art pieces. Large art pieces don’t only serve as an icebreaker, but they also command attention and serve as a display of taste and luxury. 

Grand art pieces induce the air of an actual art gallery, and if you can successfully incorporate that gallery vibe inside your home, it automatically becomes and feels more expensive. For a luxury touch, always opt for big art pieces rather than the smaller ones. 

Even if you are grouping photos, make sure that the art pieces are big. While everything boils down to one’s personal style and preferences, you will see that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to make your home appear more expensive. 

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