Top 5 Aquarium Plants That Every Beginner Should Try

Last updated on March 8, 2022

Having a wonderful aquascape can truly embellish your space, and most importantly, provide your fish with a place where they will fully enjoy and thrive, just the way they’re supposed to. But is it an easy task?

For someone who has never done it before, yet wants to create something that’s really beautiful, can be a little bit daunting and intimidating at first because you need to learn about the specific needs of every plant that you’re about to have before you obtain anything.

But do not worry. There are so many splendid plants out there that are easy to take care of, even if you have little to no experience. So to help you out choose the best ones, we put together a list of plants that even inexperienced people should consider.

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Best Aquarium Plants Anyone Can Take Care Of

best aquarium plants


This plant is also known as Brahmi and is considered to be one of the easiest to maintain and grow aquarium plants out there. Plus, another great thing about it is the fact that it is ideal for freshwater home aquariums.

Additionally, this plant can grow up to twelve inches tall, however, if you provide it with great conditions, it can grow even taller. Frequently, Moneywort can be seen growing horizontally until it reaches the surface.

If you don’t want it to expand its branches out of the water, then you should trim it as often as you can. Furthermore, many people love this plant because of its ability to grow above the water, as well as underwater. Just make sure that the water temperature is always stable, otherwise, it’s going to deteriorate. 

Java Fern

Here’s another example of an extremely popular plant that’s perfect for beginners. We will shortly talk about this plant, however, if you would like to get more detailed information about it, this URL will give you exactly what you’re looking for. So what’s so appealing about Java Fern?

Many people are attracted to it due to the fact that it has a very unusual shape, it’s easy to maintain and reproduce. On the market, you can come across several different variants, like needle leaf, narrow leaf, and trident lead. 

All of them are generally easy to take care of, it just depends on what type seems to be more suitable for you. In its natural habitat, you will find this plant right next to streams and other slow-moving waters. 

What Else Is Worth Considering As Well?

aquarium plants

Amazon Sword Plant

Many people will tell you that this is the most obvious suggestion when it comes to finding the best low-maintenance plant. It has huge, broad leaves, and it can become so large that it is capable of covering a majority of your fish tank.

What’s amazing about it is the fact that it doesn’t need any lighting in particular, which makes it perfect for beginners. In the beginning, when you put it in the aquarium, you will notice its huge, round leaves. But as soon as they touch the water, they will start melting.

Furthermore, Amazon Sword is going to reabsorb all the nutrients in the leaves in order to make narrower, longer leaves that will grow underwater. One thing that you shouldn’t forget is to feed it lots of root tabs, especially if you notice that the leaves are becoming yellow.

Java Moss

This plant comes directly from Vietnam, and in the meantime, has become one of the most popular plants for beginners. It’s because it’s really is to grow, and its small green leaves can be employed to decorate practically any type of surface.

Once you plant it, there’s another thing that you need to take care of. Namely, if you want Java Moss to grow in the best possible conditions, then you should make sure to keep the water temperature somewhere between 71 and 75 F. 

Besides that, you should also keep the lighting relatively low and maintain a pH somewhere between six and eight. In these conditions, it is going to grow pretty fast, so be sure to trim it every three to eight weeks.

Rotala Rotundifolia

If you’re looking to embellish your fish tank and add some color to it, then you should definitely consider having this breathtaking plant. It comes from South-East Asia and consists of long, narrow leaves.

Just like the previous plants, this one is also very easy to grow, however, it does require great light to produce its lovely leaves.

Unfortunately, a lot of people select artificial plants over living ones because they think that live plants require lots of work. But as you can see, there are some amazing examples that are both beautiful and easy to maintain.

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