Throw Blanket on Couch: Simple Steps to Arrange it Perfectly

Last updated on March 29, 2024

This guide provides straightforward steps on how to stylishly place a throw blanket on your couch, transforming your living space without fuss.

Key takeaways:

  • Size Matters: Choose a proportional throw for your couch.
  • Fabric Choice: Opt for fabrics that complement your couch and decor.
  • Color Coordination: Match or contrast the throw with your couch.
  • Folding Technique: Neatly fold and drape the throw over the arm or backrest.
  • Accessibility: Keep the throw within easy reach for warmth and comfort.

Table of Contents

The Folded Arm

Placing a throw blanket on the folded arm of a couch provides both function and style. It’s a simple approach to keep the blanket accessible while also enhancing the sofa’s visual appeal. Consider the following when using this method:

  • Size Matters: Choose a throw that is proportional to the size of your couch. A throw that is too large or too small can look out of place.
  • Fabric Choice: Opt for a fabric that complements your couch material and room decor. Wool, cotton, and fleece are popular choices for their comfort and texture.
  • Color Coordination: Select a color that either matches or contrasts with your couch. This choice can tie the room’s color palette together or serve as an accent piece.
  • Folding Technique: Neatly fold the throw in thirds lengthwise, then drape it over the couch arm or backrest. This displays the pattern and keeps the throw from slipping.
  • Accessibility: While aesthetics are key, ensure the blanket is within easy reach to maintain its practical purpose for warmth and comfort.

Remember, the folded arm placement is not just about the throw itself; it’s about creating a harmonious balance within your living space.

Design Mistake – Displaying Throw Blankets

Often, the allure of a cozy throw blanket can be diminished by how it’s displayed. A common mistake is draping the throw too meticulously, which can make a room feel staged rather than lived in.

Instead, aim for a casual drape that invites relaxation. Avoid folding throws into tight, geometric shapes that create a stiff appearance; go for a soft, asymmetrical fold that beckons comfort.

While symmetry can be visually pleasing, overly precise placement on couches might give off an impersonal vibe. Remember, the key is achieving a balance between tasteful presentation and functional accessibility.

Keep the throw within easy reach for impromptu snuggles without compromising on style.

Favorite Throws & Baskets

Selecting the right throw blanket involves considering texture, color, and pattern to complement your couch and living space. Wool, cotton, fleece, and chunky knit throws are popular due to their comfort and aesthetic appeal. Aim for a throw that contrasts with your furniture to add visual interest or one that harmonizes with the existing color scheme to create a cohesive look.

Storage is equally important to maintain a tidy room. Baskets serve as a functional and stylish solution for stowing throw blankets. Opt for woven baskets for a rustic touch or minimalist metal baskets for a modern vibe. Ensure the basket size accommodates your throw without cramming. Place the basket within arm’s reach of the couch for convenience.

Can Living Room Throw Blankets Be Washed?

Absolutely, living room throw blankets are designed for regular use and can typically be washed to maintain their cleanliness and texture. Always check the care label before washing, as the instructions can vary widely based on the material.

For cotton or synthetic throws, a gentle cycle with cold water in your washing machine is usually safe, followed by air-drying or a low heat tumble dry. Wool or cashmere throws may require hand washing or a specialized dry cleaning process to keep them in top condition. Spot cleaning with a mild detergent is also effective for addressing minor spills or stains without having to wash the entire blanket.

Remember, proper care ensures your throw remains cozy and vibrant for curling up on the couch.


How do you display a throw blanket on a couch?

To display a throw blanket on a couch, either pinch it at the center and drape it over one of the back corners or loosely fold it in half lengthwise and let it cascade over a corner, covering the back.

How do you use a throw blanket as a couch cover?

To use a throw blanket as a couch cover, begin by draping a large throw blanket over the backrest and down the sides of a solid-colored or neutral couch, then layer a contrasting or patterned smaller throw blanket on top, folded in thirds and placed at an angle, to add visual interest and dimension.

What do you call a blanket on a couch?

A blanket on a couch is commonly referred to as a throw blanket.

How to decorate a sofa with blankets?

To add warmth and comfort to your room, casually drape a wool throw blanket over your sofa, arranging it into soft ripples that highlight its thick, cozy quality.

What are the different types of materials suitable for a throw blanket on a couch?

Suitable materials for a throw blanket on a couch include cotton, wool, synthetic materials like polyester or microfiber, and luxury alternatives like cashmere or faux fur.

What are some of the current throw blanket trends for couch styling?

Current throw blanket trends for couch styling include textured designs like knitted and faux fur blankets, earth tones, bold geometric and Aztec prints, and incorporating eco-friendly materials.

How can a throw blanket be maintained to prolong its life on a couch?

To prolong the life of a throw blanket on a couch, maintain it through regular gentle washing, avoiding bleach, ironing, and dry-cleaning while taking care to air-dry it properly and keep it away from direct sunlight and moisture.

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