15 Small Living Room Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Last updated on May 16, 2024

Discover practical ideas to maximize space and style in your small living room.

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Install a Murphy Bed for Dual-purpose Space

install a murphy bed for dual purpose space

A Murphy bed transforms your living area into a bedroom, providing a comfortable sleep space that folds away to maximize daytime use.

Mount the TV On the Wall to Save Surface Area

mount the tv on the wall to save surface area

By affixing your television to the wall, you reclaim floor space that a traditional TV stand would occupy, enhancing the openness of the room.

Elevate Plants On Wall-mounted Shelves

elevate plants on wall mounted shelves

Wall-mounted shelves provide a floating garden that brings greenery into the room while preserving valuable floor space.

Use Light-filtering Roller Blinds to Maintain Privacy Without Bulk

use light filtering roller blinds to maintain privacy without bulk

Light-filtering roller blinds provide a sleek window treatment that offers privacy and natural light, keeping the room open and airy.

Try a Ceiling-hung Room Divider for Flexible Separation

try a ceiling hung room divider for flexible separation

A ceiling-hung room divider offers the ability to section off areas within the living space, allowing for privacy or a designated activity zone without sacrificing the open feel of the room.

Organize With Nesting Tables for Adaptable Surface Space

organize with nesting tables for adaptable surface space

Nesting tables offer versatile arrangements, tucking away neatly when not in use and expanding to provide extra surface space during gatherings or multi-tasking moments.

Pick a Wall-mounted Desk That Folds Away When Not in Use

pick a wall mounted desk that folds away when not in use

A fold-away wall-mounted desk creates a work area that disappears after use, maintaining clear floor space for other activities.

Incorporate an Ottoman With Storage

incorporate an ottoman with storage

An ottoman with storage serves as a versatile piece for seating, a footrest, and discreetly stowing away items to reduce clutter.

Opt for a Wall-mounted Console As a Space-saving Entry Table

opt for a wall mounted console as a space saving entry table

A wall-mounted console provides a sleek, minimalist touch while offering a practical drop-zone for keys and mail, keeping entryways uncluttered.

Choose Sconces for Lighting Without Using Table Space

choose sconces for lighting without using table space

Sconces provide ample lighting and free up valuable table space, enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of a small living room.

Use a Corner Shelf Unit to Maximize Storage Vertically

use a corner shelf unit to maximize storage vertically

A corner shelf unit turns an often under-utilized space into a functional storage area, taking advantage of the room’s height rather than its floor space.

Select Furniture That Can Easily Stack or Fold Away

select furniture that can easily stack or fold away

Stackable chairs and foldable tables free up precious floor space, offering flexibility in a small living room by easily transitioning the area from lounging to entertainment purposes.

Introduce a Tall, Slender Bookcase to Utilize Vertical Space

introduce a tall slender bookcase to utilize vertical space

A vertical bookcase takes advantage of the room’s height rather than its floor space, providing ample storage and display opportunities within a compact footprint.

Implement a Monochromatic Scheme With Different Textures for Depth

implement a monochromatic scheme with different textures for depth

A monochromatic color palette, enriched with various textures like knitted throws, velvet cushions, and matte or glossy finishes, creates visual interest without overwhelming a small living space.

Use a Hanging Hammock Chair to Add Seating Without Bulk

use a hanging hammock chair to add seating without bulk

A hanging hammock chair offers a comfortable and stylish seating option that can be easily removed to free up space when not needed.

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