15 Brilliant Small Living Room Ideas with TV

Last updated on May 19, 2024

Discover smart and stylish ideas to make your small living room with a TV both functional and fabulous!

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Wall-mounted TV With Floating Shelves

wall mounted tv with floating shelves

Wall-mounted TV with floating shelves offers a sleek and space-saving solution for small living rooms, keeping the area clutter-free while providing storage for decor and electronics.

Compact Corner TV Stand

compact corner tv stand

A compact corner TV stand optimizes space utilization in small living rooms by fitting neatly into unused corners.

TV Above a Fireplace

tv above a fireplace

Mounting the TV above a fireplace is a popular small living room idea that saves space and creates a focal point while enjoying cozy vibes and maximizing vertical space.

Multi-functional Furniture With Built-in TV Storage

multi functional furniture with built in tv storage

Multi-functional furniture with built-in TV storage provides a sleek and space-saving solution in small living rooms, keeping your entertainment area organized and clutter-free.

Hidden TV Behind Sliding Panels

hidden tv behind sliding panels

This idea involves concealing your TV behind sliding panels, providing the flexibility to hide or reveal the TV whenever needed, perfect for small living rooms to save space and maintain a minimalist look.

TV On a Swivel Bracket

tv on a swivel bracket

A TV on a swivel bracket allows for easy adjustment of the screen’s position, making it versatile and adaptable to various seating arrangements in a small living room. It provides flexibility to optimize viewing angles and save space when not in use.

Built-in Media Wall

built in media wall

A built-in media wall provides a seamless and sleek solution for integrating a TV into a living room space, offering ample storage for media components, books, and decorative items. This design creates a focal point in the room while maximizing functionality and minimizing clutter.

Minimalist TV Stand With Storage

minimalist tv stand with storage

A minimalist TV stand with storage combines sleek design with functional organization, making it perfect for small living rooms. It allows you to keep your space clutter-free while providing a stylish home for your TV and other media essentials.

tv integrated into a gallery wall

The TV integrated into a gallery wall seamlessly blends the TV with artwork and decor, creating a cohesive and stylish focal point.

TV Lift Cabinet

tv lift cabinet

A TV lift cabinet conceals the TV when not in use, maximizing space in a small living room while adding a touch of luxury.

TV Mounted On a Room Divider

tv mounted on a room divider

Having the TV mounted on a room divider can create a functional and visually appealing separation in a small living room. It offers a clever way to define spaces while providing entertainment without taking up additional floor space.

TV Over a Console Table

tv over a console table

Placing a TV over a console table in a small living room optimizes space and adds functionality while creating a stylish focal point.

TV Within a Closet or Cabinet

tv within a closet or cabinet

Utilize existing closet or cabinet space to discreetly house your TV, offering a neat and organized look while maximizing space in your small living room.

Floor-standing TV Mount

floor standing tv mount

A Floor-standing TV mount is a versatile option for small living rooms, offering flexibility in TV placement and allowing for easy repositioning based on the room layout and seating arrangement.

TV Inside a Recessed Wall Niche

tv inside a recessed wall niche

A recessed wall niche creates a sleek and integrated look for your TV in a small living room, maximizing space and reducing visual clutter.

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