How to Use a Paint Sprayer for Drawing Walls (and Save Time)

Last updated on October 20, 2023

If you need to paint a whole wall then using a roller or a paintbrush to complete the task will take a long time. Instead of using these two tools for painting, you can use a paint sprayer. No matter how big or small your painting area, using a paint sprayer is fun and easy to use. In this article, we are going to discuss how to use paint sprayers and a few other things related to it. So without any further delay let’s get into it. 

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Types of Paint Sprayers

paint sprayer

To draw on walls you can use mainly three types of paint sprayers. These are Airless sprayers, Pneumatic sprayers and the last one is High volume low pressure (HVLP) sprayers. 

If you are about to spray paint a wall or any other big surface then using an airless sprayer is the best option for you. However, it is highly recommended to check guide for paint sprayers with battery so that you can know the exact process of using an automated paint sprayer.

Mostly used to paint the inner and outer surface of houses. Almost anyone from a skilled professional to an amateur can use this type of sprayer. The airless sprayer is capable of delivering a great volume of paint at once. Once the pressurized force is given on the specific part of the sprayer then atomized paint will come out of the sprayer. This type of paint sprayers do not offer precision.

In the pneumatic sprayers in which compressed air is used to ensure precision when you apply the paint. This type of sprayers are mostly used in the automobile industry and garages to paint vehicles. 

The HVLP paint sprayer is used mostly by beginners. These types of sprayers are the most affordable ones among these three types of sprayers. A person can easily work with this type of sprayer. You can cover a large surface in a short period of time. Before you select the paint for painting always remember that latex-containing thicker paints do not work well with the paint sprayer. Paint clogs can be created if you use thick paints. 

Test the Paint Sprayer Before Using

After you finalise the type of paint sprayer and the paint that you want to use it to paint on walls, test the paint coming out of the paint sprayer before you start working on the project. Make sure which spraying technique works for you. If you have made a mistake in selecting the paint sprayer or the paint you can change it straightaway after trial.  

Preparations That Need to be Taken Before Spray Painting

To ensure the best possible outcome after applying spray paints on your walls you need to take a few precautions and also need a few other things along with the paint and the sprayer. 

Always use gloves so that paint does not get spilled all over your hands while spray painting. Use painter tapes to determine the particular area on which you want to paint. Mark the area with the tape from all the sides. Many professionals also recommend the use of face masks. 

You also need to cover all other materials surrounding the area you want to paint. To do that, cover the furniture or other objects with plastic coverings. Do not forget to store a sufficient amount of paint before you start painting your walls.

How to Use Spray Paint on Walls

paint spray wall

There are few techniques that you need to know before you start spray painting on the walls. If you hold the spraying gun too close to the surface then more paint will be applied on the surface and you will get a narrow spray pattern. In case you move the paint sprayer a little bit away from the wall you will get a thinner coat of paint and the paint will be spread in a wider range than the previous case. Finally, if you hold the sprayer too far away from the surface the paint will get dried even before reaching the surface. Don’t do that as you will need to spend more time on painting and also a lot of paint will be wasted in this process. 

When you first use it on the surface, before that make a stroke movement far away from the surface by pulling the trigger of the paint gun. Then release the trigger and then the stroke will be continued. This needs to be done to make sure whether everything is working perfectly or not. 

Take notice of how the paint is getting spread on the surface. Moving close or far and speeding up the process of slowing down depends on that. Do not spray from an angle as it is a time-consuming method, do it with a straightforward action. Depending on whether you are applying the paint in a vertical or horizontal pattern, adjust the tip position of the sprayer. To avoid any kind of spray arches on the surface you need to move your hand slowly while drawing on the walls. Another very important thing that needs to be done while painting is that you should clean the tip of the paint sprayer from time to time to prevent paint drying at the tip which might disrupt the spraying pattern. 

Always start painting from the top and then go to the bottom. For best results start from any corner of the wall that you want to paint. Remove all the tapes after you finish painting the surface. Once you finish painting the whole surface, take the remaining paint out of the sprayer as it might damage the sprayer and also clean the paint sprayer after finishing drawing on the walls. 

Final Words

Read all the instructions carefully before using the paint sprayer. Paint all over the surface and do not leave a single curve or corner. If you know how to use a paint sprayer then drawing on walls will become easy and you will be satisfied with the outcome. Hope that this article  has enlightened you about how to spray paint your walls and now what are you waiting for? Go and start painting your walls and other surfaces with spray paint to give them a new look. 


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