How to Make Your New Sofa Feel Part of Your Home

Last updated on March 5, 2021

A sofa is a big addition to a home. Bringing it in has a lot of interior design and decor implications. Here’s everything you need to know. Read on!

So, it’s time for a new sofa. Your old one has seen better days, or perhaps you’re tired of your current setup and fancy a change. This article will explore the things you can do to welcome your new sofa to your home. We have worked with Robinson of England to produce this article. They are experts when it comes to sofas as they specialized in handmade Chesterfields.

Table of Contents

Tips Before Buying

chesterfield sofa

To consider before purchasing your new sofa:

Try it – Obvious to say but until you sit down on a sofa you never truly know it. It may look good and feel comfortable, but what if it’s hard to get out of again? A quick test tells all.

Invest in a quality frame – We highly recommend prioritizing a good, strong frame. Wood is ideal, be cautious of plasterboard and metal. 

Choose fabrics wisely – If you live with children you should perhaps avoid stainable fabrics like cotton. If you live somewhere hot or you sometimes nap on your sofa you should probably avoid harder materials, like leather.

Measure up! – Life’s easiest oversight. You don’t want to get your dream sofa home only to find that you can’t use it for the sake of 5cm you didn’t know you needed.

Where Should the Sofa Go?

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Ideally, you want your sofa to be facing the natural focal point of a room, but if you aren’t sure then you have a few choices based on preference.  

The Mantel – If your room has a mantel or fireplace, then that is usually the focal point. This is a classic placement and offers a great place to enjoy the television, read a book, or just watch the fire flicker. It is best to put the back of the sofa against a wall to maximize floor space, but if you have a backless couch you can bring them away from the walls to create multiple seating areas.

Facing the window – If you have a large window or transparent sliding doors in the room, you could make your sofa face outwards towards the natural light. If you have any kind of view to enjoy it can only enhance your sofa time.

Opposite another sofa – For larger rooms only, but symmetry is a key element of any kind of design. Ideally using matching sofas, you can create a social area where a table can be placed in the center for drinks, games, or business documents. You could also place the two sofas at 90 degrees, which is especially practical and stylish when your focal point is in the opposite corner of the room.

In front of the TV – This deserves its own mention. Most of us position our sofa so that we have the best view of the TV. To really make your new sofa at home make sure you position your television at the right height; sit on your sofa and see if it dips, or if it is at an awkward angle.

How to Make Your Sofa Look at Home

sofa decor

Decorating around your sofa is relatively simple and extremely effective. It may also be necessary, as your new sofa could look quite different from your old one.

Your sofa is the most important piece of furniture in the room, so choosing what to put in the space around it depends on the style of the sofa, your tastes, and your needs. The humble end table can be used to accentuate the sofa, and moreover it is relatively cheap and family-friendly. The color of your sofa should always suit a room, so if you’ve bought a bright red sofa then keep in mind your red wallpaper/paint will probably need to go, lest your sofa blend into obscurity.

A coffee table can be used similarly, giving the sofa a buddy that holds your drinks whilst your sofa holds you. When picking tables, it is best if you choose colours that match your sofa. If you have a black leather sofa then dark woods like mahogany or walnut work perfectly. Conversely a cream sofa looks better with lighter woods like oak, but especially nice with wicker furniture like chairs or cabinets. 

Decorating the space that your sofa faces, whether it is the TV, a window or a fireplace, you have options. You can use candles, small plants and even your favourite books as ornaments or table toppers to sweeten the view.

How to Protect Your New Sofa

sofa throw and pillows

Sofas take quite the beating during their 11-year lifespan, but the last thing you want is unnecessary damage or wear. 

Throws and blankets – Regardless of material, sofas eventually start to fade with use. You can prolong this if you have a throw or blanket covering your cushions or even backrest. Throws also hide gaps between cushions and save them from messy spills.

Keep pets off – We love our pets, but our sofas probably don’t. Cats especially enjoy scratching furniture, so invest in a scratching post or similar deterrent. If you simply must have your dog on your sofa throws become even more ideal.

Rotate the cushions regularly – It’s recommended that you rotate your cushions once every few months. Sofas get very dirty, very quickly, and are infamous for collecting debris. Use a hoover every time you rotate your cushions to keep them clean. 

Have rules – More of a suggestion, but if you can avoid eating, jumping, or sleeping on your sofa it will inevitably age better. If you have young children then these rules can save your new purchase from an awful, sticky fate.

Hopefully, this article has helped you with your new sofa saga. Keep these hints in mind and your new sofa will be looking and staying, fantastic for years to come.