How to Decorate a Curved Wall Entry

Last updated on November 10, 2019

Have a curved wall entry in your house? Let’s turn it into an amazing decor statement that welcomes your guests.

A curved wall in the entryway is the result of a staircase and it’s a popular feature in many houses. Having it in your home is a great opportunity to create stunning decor. But it poses a challenge as well. You don’t decorate curved walls often because they aren’t commonplace in other areas of the house.

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Entryway Furniture

The choice of the furniture is limited to the small curved space against the wall. These are your options:

  • A curved design dresser – look for vintage options to create the best accent.
  • A narrow console table – it doesn’t have to be curved, just small enough to leave as little empty space against the wall as possible.
  • A curved bench – a bench against the wall will provide seating space as well as storage space for shoes.
  • A small table and a chair – a mixed setup with seating and a catch-all command center is an alternative to the single-furniture setup. Decorated in such a way the space becomes more inviting.
  • A custom DIY solution – if all else fails, make something homemade. This can be a unique table, curved wainscoting, etc.

Entryway Table Decoration Ideas

The entryway table is the ideal place to create a decor vignette that will be a big part of the statement. The basic rules of a console table decor apply:

  • Place a big wall art or a gallery in the background.
  • Add a big decor item on one side as the visual weight (such as a table lamp).
  • Add series of smaller items in increasing height on the other side (for example 3 vases or candle holders).
  • Layer smaller decor items in the middle.

Entryway Wall Decor

A curved wall has a few caveats when hanging art on it. However, to decorate the entryway well you will need to hang something on that wall.

  • Plan your wall art setup by laying out the frames on the floor. That is, if you’re hanging more than one frame.
  • Hanging a frame on a curved wall is actually little different than a standard wall. You only need to attach some wire to the hanger.
  • Measure and mark the holes where the hangers should go.
  • Drill the holes and add the screws.
  • Hang the frames.

Here are some ideas of what you can hang in this space:

  • Your family gallery
  • One big statement piece of art
  • Vintage plates for whimsical decor
  • Mirrors

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