Feeling Cold? Try These Things to Warm Up

Last updated on October 27, 2023

Whether you live in a cold climate or are used to warm days and a cold snap has entered, it can be difficult to warm up when feeling cold, especially if your body is not used to it.

If you are struggling with feeling cold, there are a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable when the cold hits. Follow these easy tips and you will be feeling toasty warm in no time.

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Home Heating System

home heating system

If your home has an outdated heating system it may leave you in the cold. Whether you have a forced-air furnace or an oil heating system, you can get it going in no time. Servicing your oil heater is easy and you can find all the information you need from Hop Energy, whether you need oil replacement or heater repair.

If you have a forced-air furnace system but are feeling chilly, it may be time to change your filters, clean your furnace, and check to make sure it is ignited. Lighting your pilot after a long warm summer can be difficult sometimes, and you may need a new thermocouple or more extensive service. 

It is a good idea to have your heating systems serviced yearly to make sure they are providing you with the most efficient heating possible.

Layering Clothes

If you are feeling the cold but need to venture outside, your best bet is to layer your clothing. Wearing layers allows you to add and subtract as necessary, to keep your body at the most comfortable temperatures. A light base layer that keeps you cool and dry is a great way to start, then adding onto that with a shirt, sweater, and finally a jacket allows you to regulate your body temperature when you are venturing into the cold.

Your body loses the majority of heat through your head, so having good protection on your head can keep you warm. Always carry a toque, hat, and scarf with you, as well as gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm. layering your clothes is the best way you can maintain the most comfortable temperatures in any type of weather.

Warm Fires

If the temperature outside is a little chilly, but you still want to enjoy friends and family and have a barbeque or yard party, then a fire is a great way to go. Not only does it allow you to keep warm, but you can also cook food, enjoy some smores, and sit around the fire enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones. When the seasons are shifting and you want to get outside more, a nice fire is a great way to go.

If you have an indoor fireplace, then you can also enjoy a nice evening of reading, chatting, and spending time with family by the fire. Grab your favorite blanket, and a hot cup of cocoa, and pass an evening sitting toasty and warm beside the fire. This is a great way to relax and also to enjoy some quality time, watching the flames licking rather than focusing on a computer or television.


Exercise is a great way to get the blood flowing and warm yourself up. When you are feeling chilly, that can be the perfect time to go for a walk or enjoy a home workout. There is a reason people sweat when they work out, exercise naturally heats the body, and you can burn calories as well as a warm-up.

You can do any type of exercise to get your body warm, from a few jumping jacks to a full at-home workout, the possibilities are endless and you will soon find your body warming up. This option has a two-fold benefit, as you are heating up as well as giving your body the movement and exercise it needs to be healthy.

No matter how you choose to heat yourself, there is sure to be an option for everyone. If you are feeling cold, you don’t have to linger in anguish. From checking your home furnace systems to putting in some good exercise, you can dress for the weather and enjoy all types of activities in the cold. While it may take a bit of planning, you can keep yourself warm no matter what the temperature.

Follow these tips and you will soon be an expert at warming up when the cold creeps in. There is no need for you to anguish with the cold, and these are just a few examples of how you can warm up when the cold hits.

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