Craftmaster Furniture: Ultimate Guide to Choices, Style and Comfort

Last updated on June 5, 2024

Discover why Craftmaster Furniture has become a leading name in interior design because of its exceptional blend of style, quality, and comfort.

Dive into the world of Craftmaster Furniture, a testament to American craftsmanship where quality materials and meticulous attention culminate in a rich array of furnishings.

Since 1972, this brand has been synonymous with a design philosophy that marries comfort with style, ensuring functional pieces that boast timeless charm for any home.

Whether you have a penchant for traditional elegance, rustic warmth, contemporary sleekness, or casual coziness, Craftmaster’s variety is bound to have something to suit your taste.

With a spotlight on the artisanal crafting process, from robust hardwood frames to plush foam padding, this article explores how their furniture achieves both beauty and durability.

Plus, we’ll unravel the rich customization possibilities, from sumptuous fabric selections to distinctive wood finishes, cushion comforts, and ornamental trims.

Ready to enrich your space with pieces that reflect your personal style? Let’s uncover the Craftmaster Furniture experience.

Key takeaways:

  • Craftmaster Furniture: Established in 1972, American-made with attention to detail.
  • Design Philosophy: Comfort meets style, functionality, and timeless charm.
  • Crafting Process: Expert craftsmanship, high-quality hardwood frames, and foam padding.
  • Variety of Styles: From traditional to rustic to contemporary and casual.
  • Customization Options: Fabric choices, wood finishes, cushion densities, and decorative trims.

Table of Contents

Craftmaster Furniture History

craftmaster furniture history

Established in 1972 in the furniture hub of North Carolina, this brand quickly set itself apart with its dedication to long-lasting, American-made furniture. Over the years, Craftmaster has expanded its operations, blending traditional woodworking skills with modern manufacturing techniques.

Committed to local craftsmanship, it provides hundreds of jobs, supporting the local economy. Tapping into a rich vein of upholstery expertise, every piece showcases the attention to detail synonymous with the region’s furniture legacy. Craftmaster’s continued evolution involves incorporating consumer feedback directly into the design process, ensuring relevancy and satisfaction.

Design Philosophy of Craftmaster Furniture

design philosophy of craftmaster furniture

Craftmaster adheres to a philosophy where comfort meets style, ensuring that each piece is as pleasant to sit on as it is to look at.

Functionality is central to their designs, creating furniture that fits effortlessly into daily life without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

Attention to detail is paramount, as is evident in the subtle nuances of each sofa, chair, and loveseat.

The reflection of current trends coupled with timeless charm keeps their collections contemporary yet enduring.

By embracing a broad spectrum of tastes, from traditional to modern, Craftmaster ensures there is something for every decor enthusiast.

Crafting Process and Quality of Materials

crafting process and quality of materials

Expert craftsmanship defines each piece of furniture from the cutting of the wood to the final upholstery.

High-quality hardwood is the backbone of the frames, ensuring robustness and longevity.

Joints are meticulously joined using double dowels and reinforced corner blocks.

This enhances stability, preventing wobbling or creaking over time.

Foam padding is selected with comfort in mind, balancing softness and support.

Furthermore, the foam is encased in ticking to preserve the desired shape.

Textile selections range from durable synthetics to luxurious natural fibers, all subject to rigorous wear testing.

The attention to detail extends to tailoring, with precise pattern matching and secure stitching for upholstered elements.

Variety of Styles in Craftmaster Furniture

variety of styles in craftmaster furniture

Craftmaster offers an extensive collection of furniture styles, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every customer’s taste and home decor theme. From timeless traditional pieces resonating with classic charm to sleek contemporary designs that epitomize modern elegance, the range is comprehensive.

For those who favor a more rustic aesthetic, the brand also provides options that feature natural finishes and rugged textures. Transitional furniture, which blends the best of traditional and modern design elements, is readily available for those seeking a balanced and versatile look.

Additionally, Craftmaster is renowned for its array of cozy, casual pieces that invite relaxation and create a welcoming atmosphere in any room. With this diversity, you have the freedom to mix and match, or achieve a cohesive design throughout your living space.

Customization Options

Embrace your individuality by tailoring your furniture to match your unique style and comfort preferences. Explore an extensive selection of fabric choices, ranging from durable family-friendly options to luxurious textiles that make a statement.

Additionally, wood finishes on select pieces offer an opportunity to align with the existing color palette of your home.

For seating options, select from various cushion densities that cater to your comfort level — be it plush and enveloping or firm and supportive.

Decorative trims, including nailhead accents, fringe, and contrasting piping, provide the finishing touches that bring your personal vision to life.

With these customizable features, create pieces that are truly yours, perfectly fitting into the life and style of your home.

Craftmaster Furniture Warranty and Customer Service

Opting for Craftmaster means choosing peace of mind, thanks to a comprehensive warranty covering manufacturing and material defects for one year from the date of purchase. Should an issue arise, customer service is readily accessible, providing prompt and courteous assistance. Moreover, reputable dealers assist with warranty claims to facilitate a smooth resolution.

For tailored inquiries, the company’s website hosts a FAQ section and maintenance advice, while direct communication via phone or email yields personalized support. To ensure ongoing satisfaction, it’s advisable to retain purchase receipts and be familiar with the specific warranty conditions related to your chosen products.

Eco-friendly Practices and Sustainability Commitment

Craftmaster’s dedication to environmental stewardship is evident through its use of sustainable materials and efficient manufacturing processes. The company sources wood from certified sustainable forests, ensuring responsible forest management and reduced ecological impact. Soy-based foams are utilized in cushions, decreasing reliance on non-renewable petroleum-based materials.

Additionally, the implementation of recycling programs within their factories curtails waste, redirecting scraps and reducing landfill contributions.

Moreover, the brand’s commitment extends to minimizing the carbon footprint of their delivery process. Products are packed efficiently to optimize space, leading to fewer trucks on the road and a subsequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. By continuously evaluating and improving these eco-conscious practices, Craftmaster not only crafts quality furniture but also demonstrates a deep respect for the environment.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Craftmaster Furniture

To ensure the longevity and beauty of your pieces, consider the following advice:

  • Dust regularly with a soft, dry cloth to avoid build-up that can scratch the surface.
  • Attend to spills immediately by blotting with a clean, dry, white cloth; avoid rubbing.
  • Employ the use of coasters and placemats to prevent marks and stains.
  • Keep furniture away from direct sunlight to minimize fading.
  • Rotate cushions frequently for even wear, if applicable.
  • Vacuum upholstered items with an upholstery attachment weekly.
  • Test any cleaner on a discreet area before applying to the entire surface.
  • Refrain from using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as they can damage the finish.
  • Consult the care tag attached to your furniture for specific instructions based on material.

By adhering to these simple care suggestions, your Craftmaster furniture will remain an asset to your home’s decor for years to come.

Capturing a myriad of tastes, Craftmaster’s range boasts a variety of collections, each with its own unique appeal. The Paula Deen Home Collection personifies Southern hospitality with warm, inviting designs, ideal for families looking to create a cozy atmosphere.

The Urban Elements Collection lends a sleek, contemporary edge to interiors, featuring clean lines for the modern home.

For those inclined towards traditional aesthetics, the Classics Collection showcases timeless silhouettes and intricate details.

Lastly, the Accentrics Home Collection makes a bold statement with eclectic and unique pieces that stand out as focal points in any room.

Each collection reflects Craftmaster’s dedication to providing furnishings that cater to individual style preferences while ensuring comfort and durability.

Where to Purchase Craftmaster Furniture

Finding the right retailer to purchase Craftmaster Furniture is essential to ensure authenticity and customer satisfaction.

Interested buyers can locate pieces from authorized brick-and-mortar furniture stores throughout the United States.

To find a nearby dealer, use the dealer locator tool on the official Craftmaster Furniture website, entering a zip code to discover the closest retail locations.

Additionally, several online retailers carry Craftmaster collections, offering a convenient way to browse and buy from home.

Before making a purchase, confirm the retailer’s reputation, return policies, and delivery options to ensure a seamless buying experience.

Stay informed about sales and promotions by signing up for newsletters from preferred furniture retailers and by following Craftmaster’s social media channels for the latest updates on collections and discounts.


How long will a Craftmaster sofa last?

A Craftmaster sofa, constructed with hardwood frames for mid-price range durability, should last between 10 and 20 years.

What is Craftmaster furniture made of?

Craftmaster furniture is primarily made of hardwood frames which consist of hardwood rails and laminates, heavily padded arms, tie wires on back and seat springs for additional support, and heavy gauge sinuous wire springs for durability and comfort.

Does Paula Deen make furniture?

Yes, Paula Deen produces furniture, offering various collections ranging from traditional classics to modern designs.

In which countries is Craftmaster furniture predominantly sold?

Craftmaster furniture is predominantly sold in the United States and Canada.

How is the comfort and durability of Craftmaster furniture compared to other brands?

Craftmaster furniture is known for its high comfort levels and exceptional durability, making it a strong competitor against other furniture brands.

What are some of the most popular designs in the Paula Deen furniture line?

The Paula Deen furniture line is popular for its southern-inspired designs which include the Dogwood, River House, and Tobacco Road collections, known for their blend of rustic charm and modern sophistication.

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