Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture Repair: Comprehensive Guide and Maintenance Tips

Last updated on May 7, 2024

Taking good care of your Brown Jordan outdoor furniture ensures longevity, but if things go awry, it’s comforting to know that your investment can be repaired – because, in this comprehensive guide, you will discover all the effective ways to handle Brown Jordan outdoor furniture repair and maintenance.

If your cherished Brown Jordan outdoor furniture is showing signs of wear or damage, understanding the repair process is essential to restore its beauty and functionality. Whether faced with fabric tears, rust and corrosion, unstable joints, or just the toll of time, specialized repairs such as professional welding, fresh powder coating, new fabric installation, or vinyl re-strapping can rejuvenate your patio ensemble.

This article illuminates the practical details you’ll need, from the probable costs to the expected repair timelines, allowing you to weigh your options for returning your Brown Jordan pieces to their former glory. Read on for a comprehensive guide that ensures your outdoor sanctuary is in prime condition for relaxation and entertainment.

Key takeaways:

  • Brown Jordan is known for high-quality, durable outdoor furniture.
  • Common issues include fabric wear, corrosion, loose joints, and aesthetic degradation.
  • Repairs may involve welding, powder coating, fabric replacement, and vinyl re-strapping.
  • Repairs costs vary based on the extent of damage and customization options.
  • The duration of repairs can range from a few days to several weeks.

Table of Contents

Understanding Brown Jordan Furniture and Its Quality

understanding brown jordan furniture and its quality

Renowned for its luxury outdoor furniture, Brown Jordan has set the industry benchmark for quality and design since 1945.

The brand’s furniture is characterized by its high-grade materials, such as extruded aluminum and marine-grade fabrics, ensuring durability and longevity even in challenging weather conditions.

Each piece harmoniously blends aesthetics with functionality, offering a range of styles from classic to contemporary.

The investment in Brown Jordan pieces not only elevates outdoor spaces but also promises resilience through meticulous craftsmanship.

Proper care and occasional repair can restore the furniture’s original grandeur, allowing for continued enjoyment of these premium pieces.

Common Issues With Brown Jordan Outdoor Furniture

common issues with brown jordan outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is subjected to various elements that can affect its longevity and aesthetics. Brown Jordan pieces are no exception. Here are some prevalent concerns that owners may encounter:

1. Wear and Tear on Fabric: Continuous exposure to sunlight and weather can cause the fabric on sling chairs to fade and lose elasticity.

2. Corrosion and Oxidation: Metal frames are prone to rust, especially when the protective finish wears away from exposure to moisture and salt in coastal regions.

3. Loose Joints: Frequent use and time can lead to the weakening of welded or screwed joints.

4. Aesthetic Degradation: Accidental spills, animal scratches, or abrasive cleaners can damage the finish and color of the furniture.

5. Structural Issues: Broken or bent frames may arise from heavy loads or accidental drops.

Knowing these common issues provides valuable insight for maintaining Brown Jordan outdoor furnishings and understanding when professional repair might be necessary.

The Repair Process for Brown Jordan Furniture

Initiating repairs starts with assessing the damage to determine the extent of wear or deterioration. For structural issues, such as broken frames, welding might be necessary by skilled technicians to restore integrity. If the problem is cosmetic, like chipped paint, a new powder coat may be applied after stripping the old finish, providing a fresh and durable surface.

For fabrics, including sling seats and backs, professional replacement is available using factory-quality materials designed for outdoor use, ensuring a match with the furniture’s original aesthetic and performance standards. In the case of vinyl straps, a full re-strapping service can rejuvenate the furniture’s comfort and appearance.

In instances where hardware is failing, such as loose bolts or degraded connectors, these can be replaced with appropriate parts, many of which may be specific to the Brown Jordan brand to maintain the original design’s integrity and safety.

Throughout the process, the use of original Brown Jordan parts and materials is recommended to maintain the furniture’s value and ensure compatibility. Professional repair services tend to have access to a wide range of Brown Jordan components, allowing them to handle the repair process efficiently and effectively.

Powder Coating Services for Brown Jordan Items

Powder coating is a highly durable finishing technique that protects metal furniture from the elements and restores its original luster. Ideal for reviving Brown Jordan pieces, it begins with the removal of old paint and rust, often through sandblasting, which provides a clean surface for the new finish.

The electrostatically charged powder is then evenly applied to the furniture and cured under heat to create a tough skin that is resistant to chipping, fading, and wearing. This process not only revitalizes the appearance of your outdoor set but extends its life significantly, making it a practical choice for high-end patio collections.

With a spectrum of colors available, matching or changing the aesthetic of your Brown Jordan set to complement your outdoor decor is a seamless process.

Sling Mesh Replacement and Installation

Sling mesh, the supportive fabric on chairs and lounges, is subject to wear and tear from regular use and outdoor exposure. Replacing this critical component involves precise steps:

1. Selection of Material: High-quality, outdoor-grade fabric is chosen to match the original design or updated to a new color or pattern preference.

2. Removal of Old Sling: The old sling is carefully removed, paying attention to the unique spline – the cord that secures the fabric into the frame track.

3. Precise Measurements: The new sling is cut based on the frame’s dimensions, leaving room for tension required to support weight comfortably.

4. Installation: The new material is inserted into the track with the spline. Special tools may be used to stretch the fabric evenly and secure it in place.

Post-installation, the furniture should feel firm and supportive, rejuvenating the overall comfort and appearance of the outdoor space. Regular maintenance can prolong the life of the new sling mesh.

Vinyl Re-strapping for Brown Jordan Collections

Vinyl re-strapping revitalizes chairs and lounges by replacing old or broken straps with fresh vinyl. This process not only restores the appearance but also ensures the furniture maintains its comfort and support.

When undergoing re-strapping, here are a few key points to consider:

  • Material Selection: High-quality, UV-resistant vinyl is crucial to withstand the elements and prevent premature wear and fading.
  • Color Matching: A variety of colors are available to match or refresh the original look of your Brown Jordan furniture.
  • Technique: Professional repair services use specialized tools to heat and stretch the straps for a tight fit and proper tension.
  • Durability: New straps are designed to last for years, resisting cracks and breakage with normal use.
  • Customization: The repair process can often be tailored to individual preferences regarding firmness and design.

The Cost of Repairing Brown Jordan Furniture

Pricing for repairs varies, often depending on the nature of the damage and the specific collection piece in question. Generally, minor repairs, such as replacement of end caps or adjustment of loose parts, may be relatively modest in cost. More extensive service work, like complete re-strapping or sling replacement, will require a higher investment, reflecting the materials and labor involved.

Customization choices can also influence the price, with premium finishes and fabric options on the higher end of the spectrum. To ensure cost efficiency, always contemplate if the repair costs are proportionate to the value of the furniture. Most reputable service providers offer transparent estimates, allowing you to weigh the benefits of refurbishing your outdoor arrangement against the option of buying new.

Remember, given Brown Jordan’s reputation for creating durable and timeless designs, investing in repairs could be a wise move for long-term enjoyment, sustaining the value of your furniture. Obtaining quotes from a certified Brown Jordan repair specialist can provide a clearer picture of expenses involved.

Time Frame for Brown Jordan Furniture Repairs

The duration of repairs for Brown Jordan furniture is influenced by several factors. Availability of replacement parts can affect timing; authentic Brown Jordan pieces ensure a match but may need to be ordered, potentially extending the wait.

The extent of damage is also critical, with simple re-strapping taking less time than full frame refinishing that requires dismantlement and curing processes.

Seasonal demand can also impact turnaround times, with spring and summer often being busier due to higher outdoor furniture use.

Typically, expect smaller repairs to range from a few days to a week, while more intensive restorations could take several weeks.

Always consult with your repair service for the most accurate estimate based on your specific needs.

Caring for Brown Jordan Post-Repair to Extend Longevity

After repairs, proper maintenance can keep your Brown Jordan furniture in top condition. To do this, regularly clean frames with mild soap and water, avoiding abrasive cleaners. Additionally, cover your furniture or store it indoors during inclement weather to prevent excessive wear.

Furthermore, inspect your furniture periodically for any signs of wear and address them promptly to avoid the need for more extensive repairs in the future. For sling and strap pieces, minimize exposure to suntan oils or chlorinated pool water, which can degrade materials over time.

Finally, consider having professionals inspect and touch-up your furniture’s powder coating every few years to maintain its aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Keeping to these points ensures your Brown Jordan outdoor furniture continues to offer comfort and style for years to come.

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