15 Blue Sofa Living Room Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Last updated on May 20, 2024

Learn how to enhance your living room with a blue sofa by incorporating various design styles, color schemes, and accessories for a fresh and inviting space.

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Integrate Gold Accents With a Sapphire Blue Sofa

integrate gold accents with a sapphire blue sofa

Gold accent pieces, such as picture frames, decorative objects, and throw pillows, can add a touch of luxury to the rich tones of a sapphire blue sofa, creating an elegant and cohesive look.

Hang an Oversize Mirror Above a Royal Blue Settee

hang an oversize mirror above a royal blue settee

An expansive mirror enhances the royal blue settee, reflecting light and adding a sense of spaciousness to the living room.

Lay a Neutral-toned Jute Rug Under an Indigo Sofa

lay a neutral toned jute rug under an indigo sofa

A jute rug’s earthy texture complements the deep indigo, grounding the space and adding organic appeal.

Use Minimalist Scandinavian Designs Around a Baby Blue Couch

use minimalist scandinavian designs around a baby blue couch

Pair the soft hue of a baby blue couch with the clean lines and functional simplicity of Scandinavian furniture to create a serene and uncluttered living space.

Match a Peacock Blue Loveseat With Vibrant Teal Curtains

match a peacock blue loveseat with vibrant teal curtains

The combination of a peacock blue loveseat against the backdrop of vivid teal curtains adds a dynamic and cohesive pop of color to the living space.

Frame a Navy Blue Sofa With White Shiplap Walls

frame a navy blue sofa with white shiplap walls

White shiplap walls provide a crisp, nautical backdrop that accentuates the classic elegance of a navy blue sofa, enhancing its rich hue and creating a timeless aesthetic.

Incorporate a Blue Sofa in a Bohemian-inspired Room With Layered Textiles

incorporate a blue sofa in a bohemian inspired room with layered textiles

A boho-chic aesthetic unfolds as a blue sofa becomes the centerpiece amidst a tapestry of layered rugs, throws, and eclectic pillows, exuding a warm and inviting vibe.

Contrast a Cobalt Blue Sofa Against Mustard Yellow Walls

contrast a cobalt blue sofa against mustard yellow walls

The vivid cobalt sofa becomes a dynamic focal point when juxtaposed with the warm and inviting backdrop of mustard yellow walls, creating an energetic and contemporary ambiance in the space.

Anchor a Bright Blue Sofa With a Geometric Black and White Rug

anchor a bright blue sofa with a geometric black and white rug

A geometric black and white rug lays a visually striking foundation that allows the vibrancy of a bright blue sofa to pop, creating a dynamic focal point in the space.

Style a Duck Egg Blue Couch With Blush Pink and Copper Accents

style a duck egg blue couch with blush pink and copper accents

Pairing a duck egg blue couch with soft blush pink cushions and copper lighting fixtures introduces a gentle contrast, creating a serene and modern aesthetic.

set a denim blue sofa against a gallery wall of monochrome art

A denim blue sofa creates a striking contrast when positioned before a gallery wall adorned with a collection of black and white art, bringing a sophisticated and cohesive aesthetic to the space.

Complement a Powder Blue Sofa With Pastel-colored Throw Blankets

complement a powder blue sofa with pastel colored throw blankets

Soft pastel throw blankets draped over a powder blue sofa add a layer of warmth and subtle color contrast, creating a serene and inviting ambiance in the living space.

Arrange a Turquoise Sofa With Mixed Metal Side Tables and Lamps

arrange a turquoise sofa with mixed metal side tables and lamps

A turquoise sofa becomes the centerpiece in a living space, complemented by the lustrous appeal of mixed metal side tables and lamps that add a contemporary edge to the decor.

Offset a Deep Blue Sofa With Light Oak Furniture for a Coastal Vibe

offset a deep blue sofa with light oak furniture for a coastal vibe

The contrast between a deep blue sofa and the warm, natural tones of light oak furniture evokes a relaxed, seaside atmosphere in your living space.

Enhance a French Blue Couch With Vintage Floral Patterned Accent Chairs

enhance a french blue couch with vintage floral patterned accent chairs

Pairing a French blue couch with vintage floral-patterned chairs offers a timeless elegance, effortlessly merging modern hues with classic design elements.

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